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About Tree Doctor USA

Tree Doctor USA with a team of certified arborists and dedicated administrators offers unparalleled tree and plant health care services. Dustin Pope, the president, with a vision to upkeep tree and plant health and wellbeing is providing a range of world-class tree and plant healthcare treatment as well as preservation services. This is why you can count us as the top-notch tree health care service provider, extending experienced hands to fulfill your tree health care needs.

With a highly experienced crew of this industry, we offer a range of services, including tree health assessment, tree disease control, tree prevention, tree nutrition, soil care, and more in residential homes, commercial properties, municipal land, golf courses, HOA & property management companies, and City, County, and State Parks. We don’t make empty promises, we live up to them to retain high-value trees and plants!

Our Goals

The Tree Doctor USA team is always looking to create a harmonious balance between the residents and nature by conserving and caring for trees in their natural state. Also, we offer assured and professional tree health care services to keep trees in good shape while maintaining a safe and healthy environment for the people to live in.

Our Speciality

We stay up to date with all the latest practices and safety standards related to tree health care. Our well-trained and attentive team strives to complete all jobs seamlessly with minimal disruption for an efficient living and safe working environment. Get expert advice and support for tree stable growth and wellbeing.

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Our fully trained and qualified tree surgeons are always here to offer prompt services. So, don’t hesitate to contact us for any tree & plant healthcare needs!