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The sudden oak death disease starts in the trees when the air carrying fungi settle on any part of the tree. This disease is very critical as it will not only adversely affect the oak trees but also harms the other trees and plants nearby.

Until now, more than one million oak trees and tanoak trees are declined during the last decade. Also, hundreds of other tree and plant species are susceptible to this fungus. Thus, it is an emerging tree healthcare problem, and hence an effective sudden oak death treatment is crucial.

About Sudden Oak Death

Sudden Oak Death is a fungal disease caused by Phytophthora Ramorum. To be precise, it is one of 59 species of Phytophthora. It is popular in the counties of California, causing disease in plants and trees.

This fungus enters through the trunk of the oak trees and quickly spreads to all parts. They enjoy moist, cool, and foggy conditions as they love water and produce plenty of spores in the trunk. The fungus infects the vascular tissue of the tree in no time. It will block the transportation of nutrients and water to its canopy and roots. Also, the disease is capable of transmitting in the host plants at a distance of 15 feet. The transmission is carried through the soil and not air.

The disease can invite the invasion of pests like Bark Beetles and Bot Cankers. Hence, optimum diagnosis and treatment of sudden oak death are essential to limiting the spread of this fungus and other pathogens.

Symptoms Of Sudden Oak Death

  • Leaves will appear drought-stressed
  • Non-fatal leaf spots, trunk cankers, and shoot, canopy, or twig dieback
  • Leaves will turn dull green, yellow, red, or purple as they wilt
  • Pores on the leaf surfaces of the foliar hosts
  • Infected bark will be water-soaked, with red-brown discoloration and a disagreeable odor
  • The roots of the tree get rotten due to the attack of this fungus
  • Bleeding and oozing cankers form at the base of the trunk, lateral branches, and stems
  • Spontaneous drooping or wilting of new growth
Sudden Oak Death Treatment

How Can You Get Rid Of Sudden Oak Death Disease

SOD multiplies quickly in moist, humid, and cool weather conditions. Effective management of Sudden Oak Death requires early detection and accurate tree disease treatment. Professional diagnosis and treatment disable the ability of pathogens to spread and multiply. However, a systematic fungicide, sprays, and trunk injection in fall and spring can help to prevent sudden oak death.

Benefits Of Our Sudden Oak Death Treatment

  • By getting the treatment from the Tree Doctor USA, the disease will be eliminated from the tree completely.
  • Step-wise care and treatment are given to the tree so that the oak tree can come to a healthy state faster.
  • The sudden oak death treatment would save the life of other nearby trees and plants from the same disease.
  • Trees take years to grow again after the sudden oak disease attack. We make sure that the tree gets healthy again.
  • A tree or shrub free from any disease is loved by everyone.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We can save your oak trees by regular disease control check-ups and effective treatment. Maintaining proper healthcare of oak trees is very essential. We make sure that your oak tree is getting the required manure and water.

You must keep regular care of the oak tree to know the warning signs. The symptoms of a sudden oak disease are shown on the trunk and the leaves. Many times the fungus attacks the roots.

When you notice that the tree is suffering from disease, immediately call the Tree Doctor USA team. The team will analyze the disease and do the preventive measures to control the further spread of the disease.

Yes, the fungus that attacks the oak tree and causes sudden oak death can harm the other plants nearby. If the disease spreads in full swing, then the fauna and flora of that land destroys drastically.