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Tree shaping and tree lacing are terms you might assume are more suited for a gardener’s vocabulary. But they are related to tree healthcare that can massively benefit your plants. We describe these terms as the process through which we make trees healthier. It involves selectively cutting off and trimming specific branches to give shape to the tree. It ensures proper utilization of nutrients by the tree to provide for the remaining branches instead. Air and light can reach the tree uniformly, promoting good health while making the tree look more aesthetic.

It makes tree lacing and shaping services essential for the safety of you as well as your trees. A few steps can prevent expensive problems on your property later on. Here at Tree Doctor USA, our team of certified and experienced arborists is here to offer your plants a wide range of plant health services, from lacing and shaping to disease control.

A Brief of Tree Shaping and Tree Lacing Service

Crown Thinning

This practice involves removing smaller and weaker limbs from the tree top. Trimming around the crown reduces the burden of these branches on heavy limbs.

Hedge Shaping

The touch of dead and decaying branches destroys other plants. Hedge shaping removes these dead, diseased, pest-ridden branches to safeguard nearby trees.

Crown Reduction and Crown Lifting

In crown reduction, smaller branches that are attached to larger ones are removed to maintain shape and weight. In crown lifting, heavy branches from the lower portions of the plant are taken away to achieve similar results.

Tree Lacing & Shaping

We essentially help the tree become healthier by trimming the branches in a particular manner. We remove all the branches that block sunlight and air from entering the deeper parts of the tree.

Tree Stump Preservation

By examining tree stumps, we prevent them from pests that might have made their way to the stump. This service ensures the optimum health of the tree and stump.

Tree Health Checkup

We check the tree thoroughly, examining all parts including the crown, stump, bark, and roots. We examine it closely to ensure there is no damage present.

Advantages of Tree Lacing

  • It keeps the tree healthy and strong, ensuring a longer lifespan.
  • There are fewer hazardous risks during a tornado, lighting, or thunderstorm. Tree shaping service will guard the tree against environmental damage.
  • It helps the tree achieve optimum sunlight and air.
  • Tree lacing supports the growth of the tree and counterbalances root loss.
  • It gives value to your property and enhances the appearance of your property’s ecology.
  • Hedge shaping helps in stopping overgrowth as well.


Providing Optimum Quality Tree Lacing and Shaping Services

Tree lacing and shaping combined with other preservation and techniques, can make a difference in the overall health of the tree. Tree Doctor USA will ensure tree health by lacing and shaping branches with precision rather than randomly. Tree Doctor USA boasts a certified team of arborists to offer tree health care services. We provide a wide range of world-class tree and plant health care services that are unparalleled and rare to find in the market.

Our crew is highly experienced and known for efficiently taking care of tree requirements. They are experienced in handling tree health assessments, disease control, tree prevention, nutrition, trimming, pruning, and tree lacing tasks.

Our arborist understands how to structure a tree and shape unnecessary parts. We reduce the number of branches on each tree to ensure proper nutrient consumption. In return, you get fruits that are larger and more flavourful. Tree Doctor USA stays updated with the latest safety and tree shaping service standards and practices. Our team ensures that we complete our job with minimum disruptions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Trees can die from various reasons, like disease, lack of nutrients, or poor care. Our tree assessment experts can assess the tree to determine to root causes of this and provide you with the most viable solutions.

Any unnatural signs like leaf decoloration, damaged bark, fungal growth, or dryness are clear signs of your tree’s poor health.

We provide a wide range of services from tree assessment to all kinds of trimming and pruning methods. We assess your trees to fulfill their daily requirements and increase their lifespan.

We need to personally investigate and examine the tree to first determine the illness. Once that is done, we can provide exact solutions to target the root cause of the issue.