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Healthy soil is the foundation for thriving trees! Soil diseases will be a major limitation to crop development and thus require special care & attention. At Tree Doctor USA, we deliver top-class soil revitalization services based on a holistic approach. Our experts believe in  chemical-free soil care that restores plant growth and combats all kinds of challenges in a proven manner. 

Like all human beings, plants require the right nutrients for healthy growth. A deficiency of nutrients in the soil will cause serious troubles in the growth of plants. Our Consulting Arborists offer full-proof Soil Treatment assistance for sustainable growth of landscapes. 

They carry out relevant tests such as soil testing, tree risk assessment and root inspection to check diverse  issues in your landscapes.

You can partner with us to get:

  • Quick assistance from our qualified arborists
  • Follows environment-friendly approach
  • Customized soil and lawn care
  • Best outcomes for plant & tree growth
  • Guaranteed solutions at affordable rates

To promote unhindered tree growth, the soil needs to be disease-free. We have certified arborists on the team who capitalize on all their experience to bring the soil and plant growth to its best condition. We are an ISA-certified tree and soil rejuvenation company offering the best soil care services and committed to expertise, professionalism and safety.

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Our Varied Range of Soil Care And Treatment Solutions

Soil Aeration

Soil Aeration

We deal with soil complication issues around the root zone and use an air spade to securely remove the top soil level without damaging the trees.

Air Spade

Air Spade

Using an excavation tool, we compress the airstream to cut through the most compacted soil without damaging trees and underground pipes or roots.

Root Growth Regulators

Root Growth Regulators

Using a chemical-free solution, we maintain the slow growth of the tree. This Soil Remediation solution is applicable to the soil where the roots absorb and disperse the entire tree.

Vertical Mulching

Vertical Mulching

This is an effective solution for roots that don’t receive enough nutrients from the soil.

Deep Root Fertilization

Deep Root Fertilization

Our experts inject tree shrub fertilizer into the soil using specialized equipment to encourage healthy tree growth.

Bio-Stimulant Treatment

Bio-Stimulant Treatment

We use a biostimulant formulation including rhizosphere bacteria and micro-nutrients injected through multiple injections.

Notable Benefits Of Our Soil Restoration Services – The Experts Aims To Provide You Organic And Chemical-Free Solutions

  • Our Organic Soil Therapy Products are environment-friendly and won’t harm the kids & pets in any way.
  • The soil experts apply research-driven and state-of-the-art techniques and solutions.
  • The team offers effective soil treatment to deal with different types of soil diseases.
  • Our soil-enhancing chemistry uses slow-release fertilizers that address mineral deficiencies.
  • We apply custom-made materials to extract the soil issue and improve the overall soil quality.
  • Our sustainable chemicals offer a novel approach to soil health.
  • Our organic lawn care methods create healthy, stress-tolerant lawns that support the health and stability of your trees.

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soil treatment services
Our Professional Soil Restoration Services Fixes All Your Soil Issues Effectively

Are you facing troubles related to tree growth? At Tree Doctor USA, we adapt to some of the proven soil revitalization services tailored to meet different scenarios. The soil needs to be healthy to increase the nutrition content in the plant growth. Also, soil is a vital part of the appropriate stem and root growth of trees. We offer a range of soil therapy assistance to improve the overall soil environment.

Soil Nutrition Analysis

  • Our integrated soil therapy program includes soil testing and sampling to identify the exact needs of your landscape plants and trees. Our trained experts check soil samples for pH imbalance, nutrient deficiencies, organic matter content and other issues. We use special fertilizers, granules and soil drench techniques to treat the soil and plants.

Improving Soil Structure

  • Poor soil texture can be drastically improved and your efforts can be well-rewarded. Planting roots in healthy soil offers more productive and vigorous plant growth.

Prescription Soil Treatment

  • Improper soil conditions lead to poor performance of the plant within a landscape setting. If your plant health is being affected by macro or micronutrient deficiency, we offer the best tools for soil conditioning to the site-specific requirements of the landscape.

Soil Restoration

  • This top layer is rich in organic matter, vital nutrients and beneficial microorganisms, all crucial for strong root growth and overall tree health. By offering the soil with natural settings like worms and microbes, the plant material is broken down to form growth-needed elements like potassium, nitrogen, calcium and phosphorus. We provide a complete soil restoration program for soil borne diseases, including the addition of organic matter and a lot more.

Soil pH

  • The alkalinity and acidity of the soil are determined by its pH balance. Our experts perform a pH test to measure the soil’s nature and offer custom treatment solutions to maintain a perfect soil pH. However, it is suitable for plant and tree growth.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is one of the proven ways to boost the health of soil for plant and tree growth. Soil care is the proven way to deal with soil diseases accurately. Pollutants result in an unfit environment for tree growth and with the help of soil experts, you can make the soil fit for overall plant growth.

It is defined as the process of removing all kinds of hazardous pollutants from the soil or sediments. The soil remediation process involves a range of physical techniques like excavation, chemical treatments and more.

It is the best process for soil and groundwater treatment. In this technique, groundwater is pumped to the surface and then different techniques like activated carbon, air-stripping, ozone or ultraviolet treatment, biodegradation and precipitation are used for the removal of contaminants.

We use soil vapor extraction methods to remove all kinds of contaminants from the soil efficiently. For this, the soil experts create vapor extraction wells and also instant vacuum blowers to ensure a driving force by offering airflow through the soil matrix.

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