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Your shrubs and tree gardens require more than just watering. Fertilizer supplementation would vary according to different types of trees and shrubs along with the requirements for minerals through soil and water. Ongoing care and maintenance are required for them to thrive. It is necessary to provide the right care and nutrients to ornamental plants and fruit trees in order to keep them healthy and vibrant.


Tree Doctor USA tree and shrub fertilization services are known to provide essential tree nutrients that promote growth of the trees and shrubs. Through our comprehensive plan inclusive of the advanced Tree And Shrub Care Services, we cater to all your plant health needs.


Tree and Shrub Fertilizer Services from our experienced team at Tree Doctor USA has comprehensive solutions for fertilization needs and more. Right from seeding to deep root fertilization to nurturing the trees and shrubs, our services are unmatched. Certified professionals with years of knowledge and experience are all that you need to ensure a great bloom in the season.

Our Tree and Shrub Fertilization Process

Identifying the Plants

Identifying The Plants

Inspection of the complete lawn and garden area for general identification of various plants and trees that you have planted.

Doing a Complete Soil Analysis

Doing A Complete Soil Analysis

Soil analysis using conventional methods and identification of best soil treatment chemicals for each plant and shrub.

Taking in Account Tree Age

Taking In Account Tree Age

After evaluating the degree of maturity of saplings and trees, we provide you with complete information about the care your plants require.

Finding The Best Fertilization Procedure

Finding The Best Fertilization Procedure

Determination of the most effective fertilization method and providing a comprehensive care plan throughout the entire season for conservation of tree energy and promotion of long-term health.



Other than fulfilling nutrients needs through fertilizers, services that promote vitality and longevity are also provided.

Monitoring For Lasting Health

Monitoring For Lasting Health

Monitoring the plants for diseases and requirement of nutrient supplementation regularly during the summer, fall and winter seasons.

Benefits Of Fertilization Service for Advanced Tree and Shrub Care

  • Helps in nutrient recovery lost from the soil during the summer season.
  • Aids in root growth promotion during winters, if soil does not freeze.
  • Supports optimal growth during peak season.
  • Keeps plants green and lush during the summer, till fall.
    Supplies vital nutrients for optimal health, growth stimulation and for preventing infections.
  • Promote plant growth throughout the year along with protection from seasonal and environmental stresses.


Tree and Shrub Fertilization Services

Why Do You Need To Develop Effective Tree Nutrition Management Programs?

Tree and shrub fertilization services allow customers to prioritize important nutrients and other methods for the plant growth individually. So, as a customer, you get to understand the “when, how and why” of plant feeding and nourishment.  Our work over the years has been a proof of our great services that assures growth and greenery. Tree Doctor USA offers you reliable tree and shrub fertilization services. Take a glimpse to know how effective our tree shrub fertilizer process is to ensure the longevity of your lawns and gardens.


Tree Doctor USA is an accredited company that is also the customer’s top results and choice for “tree and shrub care near me”. It comprises certified professionals for tree and shrub fertilization. Skilled arborists know about plant health and targeted treatments(medicinal and methodological interventions) to prevent diseases and infections and ensure the health and growth of the plants and trees.


With one of the best average employment quality ratios in the market, you hire only knowledgeable professionals that have a deep understanding of the plant needs. Cost-effective tree Services and quick response to your service request, our efficient team of experts is unmatchable.

Our expertise in utilizing modern technology, combining traditional and futuristing techniques to provide a complete action plan such as deep root fertilization and other fertilization services are effective for plant health preservation for long. Our key differentiators in the market are:

  • Our approach minimizes the risk of nutrient leaching
  • Enhances the plant’s nutrient absorption efficiency
  • It ensures consistent and uniform growth.

Trust Our Expert Arborists for Professional Tree and Shrub Care. Promote healthy growth and vitality of your trees and shrubs with our effective Tree Fertilization services. Contact us on (619) 514 4117 !

Frequently Asked Questions

Directly injecting nutrient fertilizer into the roots of trees and shrubs is called deep root fertilization. This method benefits plants by providing essential nutrients, promoting healthier growth and increased resistance to diseases and environmental stresses

Following your service request, we schedule a convenient time for a professional to assess the area. After understanding the project goals, a detailed cost estimate is provided for your approval before we begin. Once it is approved by you, we start working. This entire process is not more than 1-3 days.

After complete assessment and analysis, we recommend plant pathology for identification of the specific disease that is affecting the plant growth. We don’t do in-house plant pathology. However, we may recommend some organizations that provide you with cost-effective plant pathology services if needed.

We understand that fertilizers are not the first choice of every customer. So, whenever we suggest, we ensure that the required quantity is provided as per the plant type. If customer requirement is organic care, we also provide organic plant growth and health management services.

Local arborists offer a range of services including tree pruning, removal, planting, stump grinding, disease diagnosis and treatment, pest control, tree risk assessment, fertilization and overall tree and shrub care management for residential and commercial properties.

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