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Growing trees is not just about putting a seed in soil and pouring water daily. Every tree and shrub has a different need with respect to soil, season, fertilizers. Also, you need to take care of it throughout the season so that it can grow as you expected. For ornamental plants or fruit plants, it is essential that proper care and nutrition are provided to them to stay healthy and vibrant.

Tree Doctor USA tree and shrub fertilization services help in the replacement of the essential tree nutrition that are required for the unhindered growth of the trees and shrubs. Our services include proven procedures that take care of plant health all throughout the year.

Tree And Shrub Fertilizer Service at Tree Doctor USA helps you find expertise in all sorts of plant services. Right from seeding to deep root fertilization to nurturing the trees and shrubs, we stand alone in the market. Certified professionals with years of knowledge and experience are all that you need to ensure a great bloom in the season.

Our Tree and Shrub Fertilization Process

Identifying the Plants

Identifying The Plants

We inspect your entire lawn and garden area to identify the various plants and trees that you have planted.

Doing a Complete Soil Analysis

Doing A Complete Soil Analysis

We use various traditional methods to analyze the soil and identify the best soil treatment chemicals which work best for individual plants.

Taking in Account Tree Age

Taking In Account Tree Age

Considering the degree of maturity of saplings and matured trees, we provide you with complete information about the care your plants require.

Finding The Best Fertilization Procedure

Finding The Best Fertilization Procedure

We identify the best fertilization procedure and map the care process all season long for saving tree energy and ensuring lasting health



Depending on the fertilization needs, we do a regular fertilization process along with other services for assuring year long plant health.

Monitoring For Lasting Health

Monitoring For Lasting Health

We monitor the plants in summertime, fall, and winter and assure the plants are not affected by disease and are responding to the nutrients.

Benefits Of Tree and Shrub Fertilization Service

  • Recovers nutrients the soil lost during the summer season.
  • Helps promote root growth during winters if the soil is not frozen.
  • Supports new growth during the ideal growing season.
  • Keeps plants green and lush during the summer, till fall.
  • Provides essential nutrients that promote health, growth, and protection from infection.
  • Ensure plant growth and protect them from seasonal and environmental damages they endure all the year.


Tree and Shrub Fertilization Services

Why Are We The Best People Around For Tree Fertilization Services?

Tree and shrub fertilization helps you in focusing on what is important for the plant growth individually. It answers important questions such as when, how, and why. This allows you to ensure tree and plant growth and avoid seasonal and environmental damages they endure all the year. Assuring growth and greenery, we at Tree Doctor USA offer you reliable tree and shrub fertilization services through our proven process. Sneak a peek inside our unbeatable tree shrub fertilizer process that ensures the year-long health of your lawns and gardens.

Tree Doctor USA is an accredited company that offers certified professionals for tree and shrub fertilization. Our expertise allows us to provide the best care to your trees and shrubs in all seasons. Our experts are trained in using medicinal and methodological interventions and stop the spread of diseases for ensuring the health and growth of the plants and trees.

With one of the best average employment quality ratios in the market, you hire only knowledgeable professionals that have a deep understanding of the plant needs. Cost-effective tree services and quick response to your service request, our efficient team of experts is unmatchable.

Modern technology, traditional and futuristic methods, and advanced solutions such as deep root fertilization and other tree and shrub fertilization services, ensuring plant health and longevity. Our key differentiators in the market are:

  • Our method provides a lower risk of leaching.
  • Higher efficiency of the plant to absorb nutrients.
  • Assured uniform growth

Promote healthy growth and vitality of your trees and shrubs with our effective Tree Fertilization services. Contact us on (760) 285 0099 !

Frequently Asked Questions

Deep root fertilization is a proven methodology that involves additional liquid fertilizers to be injected into the soil near a tree’s root. This soil injection or deep root fertilization benefits your trees, provides nutrients to the soil, improves plant growth, and prevents weather damage to the plants.

Once you request a service, we send out a professional to inspect the area in which the service is requested as per your convenience. After complete speculation and evaluation of your needs, we provide you with an estimate. Once it is approved by you, we start working. This entire process is not more than 1-3 days.

We recommend plant pathology to identify the disease that has caused damage to plant growth. We may recommend some organizations that provide you with cost-effective plant pathology services if needed. However, we don’t do it in-house.

Fertilizers are usually frowned upon. However, fertilizers, when used in the right quantity at the right time and as per the plant type, work wonders. In case you require organic care for your plants and do not want to use fertilizers, we provide you organic plant growth and health management services too.

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