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Gold-spotted oak Borer are beetle pests that invade trees with low immunity or when they are drought-stricken. These pests infest the bark, creating holes in the tree until it dies. Thus, treating borers in trees is necessary to protect your precious oaks. The deep holes are made until the core. The borers lay larvae and take up the plant’s water supply and nutrients.

They attack one branch at a time until the tree is completely dried out and dies if you live in vital areas (USDA zones 3 through 8 and 3 through 9). Also, your oak trees are susceptible to diseases like Anthracnose, Bur Oak Blight, Oak Wilt, Powdery Mildew, Root Rot, Canker, Leaf Scorch, and Leaf Blister.

About Gold Spotted Oak Borer

Borers are larvae of beetles or moths that develop beneath the bark of hardwood tree trunks. Their extent of damage often results in tree death. Gold-spotted oak borers (GSOB) are flat-headed borers native to San Diego, Riverside, and Orange County. Canyon Live, California Black, and Coastal Live oak are the most often attacked.

A fully grown Gold-Spotted Oak Borer is 10 mm in length, with a bullet-shaped body and golden to greenish-yellow spots on the sides. It mainly attacks unhealthy trees and devours them completely.

The larvae of the gold-spotted oak borer feed beneath the bark of red oaks, causing serious damage to the stem and critical tissues of bigger branches. After a few years of infestation, trees begin to deteriorate and eventually perish due to the harm inflicted by successive generations of this virulent beetle.

If you detect the presence of GSOB or its damage, take immediate action. The symptoms of infestation may not be prominent and the canopy will not show much changes. Any signs should be thoroughly checked and treated as required. Delaying will cause insects like galls, scales, aphids, borers, caterpillars, lace bugs, leaf miners, twig pruners, and more to invade your trees, making them vulnerable.

Symptoms Of Gold Spotted Oak Borer

Oak Tree Protection begins with recognizing the symptoms as early as possible. Look for the following symptoms to start the treatment-

  • Black or reddish raised patches on the surface
  • Oozing on the tree surface
  • Grubs or beetle larvae living under the bark
  • D-shaped exit holes through the bark surface
  • Birds are pecking at the trunk, searching for insects.
  • Less leaves overall or a weak-looking crown.
  • Affected trees may turn gray or brown
  • Premature leaf loss
Gold Spotted Oak Borer Treatment

How Can You Get Rid Of Gold Spotted Oak Borer

Treating Borers in Trees involves systematic trunk injection and organic pesticide. Control of Gold Spotted Oak Borer is tricky once their larvae feed within trees. So, GSOB treatment must be applied before extensive disruption to the vascular tissues.

An effective GSOB prevention program aims to eliminate further outbreaks or damage to suspected trees. Optimum Tree Nutrition can revive your oak trees’ vascular tissues and health.

Benefits Of Our GSOB Treatment

  • Oak Tree Borer Treatment involves thoroughly inspecting trees to detect GSOB and take further action.
  • Adequate soil and stem treatment to eradicate Oak Borers from the infection.
  • Get rid of GSOB larvae under the bark and other hidden areas.
  • Making the tree immune to further attacks by enriching it with proper water supply, nutrients and nourishment.
  • Proactive Tree Care with experts to keep your oak healthy
  • Highly affordable treatment for oak borer beetle infestation.

Treating borers in trees is our expertise! Shield your Oak Trees from Gold Spotted Oak Borer. Contact us now at (619) 514 1601

Frequently Asked Questions

The best-recommended treatment requires spraying a contact pesticide on the tree’s limbs, bark, and trunk. Spraying on these parts is a fast-acting solution that eliminates the pests quickly.

The appearance of D-shaped exit holes, frequent visits and nesting of woodpeckers, dead leaves and branches, and dried-up tree tops indicate the growth of borers.

Planting garlic cloves is a natural way to treat gold-spotted oak borers. Garlic is supposed to exhibit pesticidal action against borers and prevent them from laying eggs.

Prevention of tree borers involves the following:

  • Proper watering
  • Timely Fertilization
  • Pruning as required
  • Insecticides application

Besides this, regular monitoring and removal of infected parts or trees are essential prevention techniques.

The potential for saving a borer-infested tree depends on the extent of damage. Early detection allows early treatment with sprays or injections. However, heavily infested trees may require only removal to prevent safety hazards and to save neighboring plants and trees.

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