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Spider mites suck sap from the plant and thus quickly create wreak-havoc on the house and outdoor plants. They feed by piercing leak tissues and sucking up fluids and nutrients of plants. Thereby, they cause damage to leaves and stems.

Dry and hot climates make the perfect condition for spider mites to thrive. However, they feed on indoor and outdoor plants year-round in some parts of California. They deteriorate the strength and nutrition of plants and trees, making them susceptible to tree diseases and insect infestation. So, before planning any defense mechanisms, a professional arboricultural consultation is crucial.

About Spider Mites Treatment

Spider mites are a common pest belonging to the arachnid family. However, these eight-legged tiny creatures are typically found in colonies on the underside of leaves. They produce webs on many conifer species, houseplants, and other outdoor plants to protect themselves and their eggs.

They will appear like yellow, green, or reddish-brown spots with oval shapes. But mostly, they are difficult to see with naked eyes despite heavy infestation, as they are prolific. But if you suspect that your plants or trees have spider mites, it is crucial to use a spider mite treatment instantly to keep them looking vibrant and healthy.

Symptoms Of Spider Mites & Pesticide Control

  • Feeding marks seem like tiny dots or stipplings on the leaves.
  • As feeding continues, you will notice yellowing or browning of the affected leaf tissue, as well as leaf drop.
  • The leaves of affected plants and trees may stop growing.
  • The leaves are covered with fine sand webbing.
  • It can leave behind a fine webbing that makes your usually lush green houseplant look pale and sickly.
  • Needle discoloration and in severe infestations, needle loss.
  • Tiny webbing structures on foliage.
  • Tiny, yellow, or white speckles.
  • Yellow or bronze foliage on infected plants.
Spider Mites Treatment

How Can You Get Rid Of Spider Mite Insecticide

We use organic methods to eliminate spider mites, as they are safe for you and your green space. However, there are many species of these tick-like bugs, so customized Spider mite treatment is crucial.

But for this, you need to have regular evaluation and assessment of trees health care with the help of professional arborists. They will determine the real cause of infection before offering the course of treatment. Superior treatment is offered to all affected trees and plants in order to retain their health and vitality.

Benefits Of Our Spider Mites Treatment & Control

  • Early detection and control of spider mites
  • Tailored treatment for all species of spider mites
  • Optimum care and tree nutrition to stressed, dehydrated, and dusty plants
  • Close examination of unaffected trees, plants, and shrubs in the yard to identify tree health care problems
  • Protect beneficial insects and pests that support the optimum growth of trees and plants
  • Certified and experienced arborists to deal with spider mites
  • Use non-toxic injections and disinfectants to protect you and your green assets

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Frequently Asked Questions

It depends upon the severity of the situation. Though we recommend natural oils and insecticidal soaps in the beginning, other bio chemicals and pesticides are used later on if required. Keep in mind that none of them are used in concentrate form while spraying.

First, separate the infected plant from the rest if it’s a houseplant or any other indoor plant to prevent further infestation. After this proceed to gentle washing and subtle rinsing of leaves to remove the webbing and then bring in the neem oil sprays for every 7 days interval.

To prevent spider mites, you need to synchronize everything starting from fertilizers to watering strategy. Right fertilizers for the right plants and just the adequate supply of water to roots can help you a lot in this. Also, sunlight plays an important role to prevent mites.

We would prefer natural substances over chemical insecticides and pesticides because not every plant is capable of handling the dense effects of a chemical pesticide. However, chemical pesticides, such as Acaricides, can be used after dilution for better and quick results.

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