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Fire blight mainly enters through twigs and the tips of tree branches. After that, the bacteria will travel to stems or trunks. It attacks the soft new growth first, causing the complete plant die-back to the roots. Once the bacteria attack any host plants, you will notice a burnt appearance on twigs and affected branches. This infection can also lead to the invasion of the entire root system, causing root rot disease.

Fire blight disease is tricky to control, especially when you reside in warm moist weather as the bacteria oozes out of the cankers speedily under such conditions. So, professional fire blight treatment solutions are crucial to retaining infected tree health and vigor.

About Fire Blights

Fire blight is a destructive plant disease caused by the bacterium Erwinia Amylovora. It affects trees and shrubs in orchards, nurseries, and landscape plantings across the USA.

The infection usually spreads through splashing water, rainwater, infected plants, insects, bords, and uncleaned gardening tools. However, the spread is intercellular up to 4 feet of vascular tissues, thereby causing vascular wilt. It blocks the water-carrying system, causing the leaves, stems, and branches to wither and weak. Seasonal weather conditions influence the spread of this bacteria.

In winter, this bacterium survives in cankers on the trunk and branches. After that, their growth multiplies at a rapid rate on the surface of leaves, twigs, flowers, and immature fruit for a few weeks without causing symptoms. The sweetness of this bacterium attracts many insects like Caterpillars and Moths, helping the bacterium to reach woods and flowers.

Symptoms Of Fire Blights

  • It gives infected plants a scorched appearance
  • The blight causes affected areas to become light tan to reddish and dark
  • Creamy white watery ooze droplets coming from the infected branch, twig, or trunk cankers
  • With the exposure of air, you will notice dark streaks on branches and trunks
  • Overwintering cankers, wilted shoots, discolored tissues, shriveled tissues, and rootstock infections on affected trees and plants
  • Branches develop dark, sunken cankers that enlarge and girdle the branches
  • Cracked margins on twigs, branches, and trunk
  • Blackening on the midrib and veins of leaves
  • Brown and wilted flowers and leaves
  • Blackened and shriveling twigs
  • Canker formation on branches
  • Dying of blossoms, fruit spurs, leaves, twigs, and branches
  • Tips of shoots may wilt
Fire Blight Treatment

How Can You Get Rid Of Fire Blights

Organic sprays are implied to prevent new infections on the host trees. Late spring and early summertime when temperatures get above 65 degrees F indicate the risk of maximum exposure to this bacterium. They multiply quickly under such conditions. So, your young and mature plants need special attention to avoid its exposure.

Our experts offer tailored treatment to limit the spread of this disease and cure the infected areas. Also, the team offers all required tree nutrition and care to enhance the resistance power of infected hosts.

Benefits Of Our Fire Blight Treatment

  • Reduces the severity of the disease, preventing further damage to trees
  • Enhances disease management on young plants and trees
  • Diagnosis and treatment customized to your tree healthcare needs
  • Get perfect solutions to your tree and plant healthcare issues
  • Improves the structural vigor and safety of plants
  • Reduce the chances of fire blights from spreading again
  • Increases the value of the home or landscape
  • Improves tree health and its prevention in the long run

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is a bacterial disease, usually affecting soft tips of plants and trees, giving a burnt look to the affected parts.

At Tree Doctor USA, we have trained arborists offering non toxic and effective treatment to get rid of fire blight disease on trees and plants.

It is necessary to carry out fire blight treatment to prevent and control the spread further into the other trees and plants in your yard.

Initially, you will see circular brown spots on leaves and stems. Gradually, these spots enlarge and turn from dark brown to black as if they have been scorched in fire. Call the pros immediately to stop the spread.