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Most wood boring insects get attracted to stressed and vulnerable trees in your landscape. Often they are called secondary invaders, as they attack the trees and plants that have lost their strength and vigor.

The infestation of wood borers goes unnoticed until trees and plants show external signs of wreckage and injuries. They create irregular holes in host plants. Hence, people often confuse the infestation with woodpecker damage. So, professional tree healthcare assessment is crucial before offering accurate treatment.

About Boring Beetles Insects Con

Wood-boring beetles, popularly known as woodworms or powderpost beetles, are commonly found all across the United States. Adult wood-boring insects are called long-horned beetles, as their antennae are quite longer than their body part.

They are known for the structural damage they create to woods, coming second to termites. They are difficult to control once the infestation begins.

Boring beetles play an essential role in nature by breaking down wood to be consumed by plants. Likewise, if the infestation is left unchecked, boring beetles can damage the strength of plants and trees. Moreover, the tree borers can severely affect the quality of lumber, thus making your trees susceptible to various tree diseases. Also, they attract weevils, moths, and caterpillars to invade. So, the control of tree diseases and pests along with accurate tree boring beetles treatment is crucial.

Symptoms Of Wood Boring Treatment & Insects Control

  • Powdered Wood: Larvae tend to eat away the wood, leaving behind frass – an early sign of infestation.
  • Holes and Tunnels: Exit holes and tunnels in wooden frames and furnishings are another sign. Boring insects create round, oval, semicircular, or random holes in the plant.
  • Clicking Sounds: Audible clicking sounds when eating away the wood.
  • Blistered or Stained Wood: Caused by larvae tunneling below the wooden surface.
  • They produce a sawdust-like frass
  • Create a tunnel in the inner bark layer called cambium that transports water and nutrition. The lack of tree nutrition will cause cracks in barks and limbs.
  • Partial girdling reduces plant growth and vigor.
Tree Boring Beetles Treatment Control

How Can You Get Rid Of Boring Insects Control

Once you confirm that tree boring insects are infesting your trees and plants, you will need to conduct treatment with the assistance of professionals. They will offer treatment to the soil and trunk to control the growth. Also, they will offer custom insecticides and pesticides to eliminate the existing boring insects from the host plants. The professionals will offer nutritions and supplements to prevent the affected and healthy trees from unwanted invasions.

Benefits Of Our Tree Boring Insect Treatment

  • Narrow the damage created by specific insects and pests to safeguard other healthy trees in the landscape
  • They will avoid the infestation from spreading to another area
  • Elimination of tree boring insects along with control of other diseases and pests
  • Optimum tree nutrition management to enhance strength and resistance
  • Thorough initial inspections with advanced equipment and tools
  • Identification of hidden symptoms and accurate tree health care treatment
  • They will offer proper tree care to weakened and stressed trees

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Frequently Asked Questions

We offer non-toxic treatments like insecticides, fumigation to name a few, to help eradicate insects from trees.

Wood borer beetles are capable of quickly spreading to different locations that you can’t even think about. However, professionals know precisely where to look for borer beetles and offer accurate treatment.

Wood borers tend to be a highly active species that can easily be carried from one location to another within the house. Hence, a couple of treatment methods are used together to eradicate them.

Our services are certified to eliminate wood borers applied by highly trained professionals.

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