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Trees in your yard or garden may seem strong and stable. But they may start getting vulnerable from the inside, which only an expert arborist can find out through extensive tree health assessment.

If you are worried about the health of trees and plants at your property, you should shed away all your worries. At Tree Doctor USA, we offer arborist consulting services to keep an eye on tree’s health regularly. We know that spotting troubles in your trees and plants beforehand is quite complex for untrained eyes.

Moreover, tree health management is inevitable due to the increased risk of pests, diseases, and other hazards to trees and plants. So, keep your trees and plants healthy by assessing all potential issues that affect your tree health and stability. We will go to the roots to identify tree and plant healthcare issues and assist with the right diagnosis and treatment.

How Do We Carry Out Tree Health Assessment?

Root Health Assessment

Root Health Assessment

Inspection of the roots, root exposure, soil condition, and moisture content.

Collar Health Assessment

Collar Health Assessment

Examination of the mid-point of root and trunk for any soft spots or broken branches – signs of potential decay.

Bark Health Assessment

Bark Health Assessment

We are examining the trunk for structural weakness, injury, swelling, overgrowth, or decay.

Fungal or Pest Infestation

Fungal or Pest Infestation

Looking for mushroom or fungal decay, wood-eating pests, and carpenter ants causing tree health damage.

Tree Symmetry

Tree Symmetry

Observing the unbalanced, leaning, or uneven trees, root invasion, or sinking soil for assessing tree health.

Crown Investigation

Crown Investigation

Scrutinizing the poor leaf growth, hanging, and broken branches for final signs of damage.

Why Should You Get Tree Health Assessment?

  • It eliminates the chances of posing a risk to other healthy trees.
  • Ensure quality care and proper maintenance of tree health.
  • Increases property value, helping buyers to make rational decisions.
  • Improves the quality of soil, water, and air.
  • Helps to upgrade landscaping plans.
  • Promotes a healthier lifestyle.


Tree Health Assessment

Extensive Tree Health Evaluation By Tree Doctor USA Experts

For successful tree health management, Tree Doctor USA experts look for crucial indicators of tree health and extensively carry out tree health evaluation programs. Our experts create a completely personalized approach to diagnose tree and plant healthcare issues and offer effective treatment solutions. By going through the checklist of the tree health assessment, we will find out the health status of your trees. After that, we offer the right solution to keep your trees and plants in your backyard or balcony healthy and lively.

How Are We Different From The Other Tree Health Management Companies?

  • Comprehensive tree health assessment services to maintain tree and plant health.
  • Experienced Arborist for plant and tree healthcare services to upkeep mature trees and plants.
  • Diagnose and inspection of tree health by experts and offer custom tree healthcare solutions.

What To Expect From Us At Tree Doctor USA?

  • Expert tree healthcare professionals to inspect your landscape.
  • Offer efficient tree health evaluation with customized solutions.
  • High-priority healthcare services are provided 24/7, even under adverse weather conditions.

To avail certified arborists for tree health assessment or any of your tree & plant healthcare requirements, Contact us on (760) 285 0099 !

Frequently Asked Questions

Your trees and plants may look healthy from outside, but there can be issues that are not apparent to inexperienced eyes. At Tree Doctor USA, we look first for tree health indicators to check your tree’s health, and after that, we take apt actions.

This number depends on a few things like the age of trees and health conditions. For further assistance, contact our expert arborist via call or email us your queries. They will give you the best solution about it after checking the condition of your trees.

Usually, the types of trees in your surroundings, backyard, or garden determine the hours necessary for assessing them. For damaged or delicate trees, it may take a bit longer to make proper tree health assessments.

Yes, of course. Tree health assessment aims to ensure our experts pick on the indicators that may damage your tree health. Hence, any disease affecting your trees will be quickly detected and taken care of.

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