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South American palm weevils (SAPW), which cause palm plant disease, started invading palm species in the USA a few years ago. These weevils generally cause Ganoderma Butt Rot, Leaf Spot Diseases, Fusarium Wilt, Bud Rot.

Now, the population of weevils is multiplying significantly and is spreading over the USA. Presently, they affect about 35 different varieties of host plants.

These weevils stay as larvae in host plants for five months and cause infection to the palm trees. Also, the single palm tree can host up to 1000 weevils. So, it is essential to recognize the signs early and start the treatment.

About South American Palm Weevil

Palm tree pests and diseases caused by South American Palm Weevil(SAPW) are known for extensive destruction to the plant. Coconut palms, date palms and oil palms are common targets of weevils. The adult weevil lays eggs in the crown of palm trees. The larvae hatch and make tunnels, feeding on the soft tissues. At this time, the tree’s growth slows down and damage occurs. The anaerobic soil conditions caused by SAPW would lead to root rot disease in infected palm trees. Gradually, it may even lead to the death of the plant.

The adult weevils are about 1.5 inches long. These jet-black pests have a long snout and are strong fliers. They have rigid bodies and small heads. At the larva stage, weevils are whitish. Female weevils travel about 60-80 miles a day. This increases the rate of SAPW infestation significantly. Thus, destruction becomes widespread quickly.

Symptoms Of South American Palm Weevil

Before starting with South American Palm Weevil Treatment, it is essential to note the signs and symptoms of its attack. Note the following symptoms:

  • Flattened Crown, presence of holes within the tree trunk and buildup of frass at the base of the tree
  • Yellowing leaves
  • Leaflets appear notched, clipped or windowed
  • Reduced growth of new leaves
  • Chewed off mid-blade pinnae
  • The pupa cases look like shredded wheat biscuits
  • Death of new and emerging fronds
  • Brown leaves and canopy
  • The Crown begins to collapse
  • Crown begins to collapse
  • Infected palms become weak at their core
Palm Weevil Treatment in San Diego

How Can You Get Rid Of South American Palm Weevil

It is easier to control the spread of Palm Tree Pests and Diseases such as Weevil Infestation than to treat them. This would require early identification of symptoms. Tree Doctor USA’s expert team has developed an innovative treatment to eliminate weevils in the larvae stage. Applying systemic insecticides and injections to the Crown, trunk or soil can retain the health and vigor of the plant. It can further prevent the spread of palm plant disease.

Benefits Of Our SAPW Treatment

  • SAPW treatment at Tree Doctor is a reliable treatment involving a comprehensive solution for curing tree
  • Our treatment has a faster recovery rate and reduces the risk of other healthy palm trees being affected by the disease.
  • Early detection and treatment will save your property from getting destroyed.
  • Our professional arborist does no harsh physical damage during the treatment.
  • Improved overall environment in the arena
  • The best Palm Tree Bugs Treatment is provided to the trees at the most reasonable price.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To get rid of weevils, insecticides and pheromone traps are commonly employed. Besides this, biological control agents such as parasitic nematodes or fungi are found effective. You may consult a professional agriculturist for effective eradication strategies.

Yes. Use a sharp tool to remove the infested area, such as the larva. If the entire trunk is infested, there is no other treatment. However, you can burn the diseased part, such as roots, to prevent the infestation from spreading to other trees.

Good cultural practices such as proper pruning and sanitation are recommended. It removes dead and decaying plant material, which may attract pests. Regular inspection and detection of weevil activity are essential to control infestations promptly.

Signs such as a flattened crown, holes in the trunk, tunnels within the tree, and an accumulation of frass (insect excrement) at the base are the most common damage to weevils. After recognizing these symptoms, start palm borer treatment as early as possible.

As you recognize some common symptoms of weevil infestation, contact a pest control professional or a local arborist such as Tree Doctor. Get their immediate assistance to get recommendations and implementation of appropriate treatment.

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