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A few years ago, hordes of highly damaging invasive pests called the South American Palm Weevils (SAPW) made their way to the palm species in the USA. However, palm trees are also susceptible to Ganoderma Butt Rot, Leaf Spot Diseases, Fusarium Wilt, Bud Rot, etc.

The growth of the weevil is multiplying enormously, and their infestation has spread rapidly all over the USA. Now, they are affecting 35 different types of host plants.

The weevils in their larvae stage can stay in host plants for 5 months, causing severe damage to the health and vitality of palm trees. Also, the single palm tree can host up to 1000 weevils. Thus, professional South American Palm Weevil treatment becomes crucial.

About South American Palm Weevil

The life cycle of palm weevils begins when mature female weevils lay eggs on or near palm trees. In a few days, the larva hatches from the eggs and bore into the live tissues of trees. You will notice their crippling growth and eventually damaging the palm trees. The anaerobic soil conditions caused by SAPW would lead to root rot disease in infected palm trees.

The adult weevils are about 1.5 inches long. These jet black pests have a long snout and are strong fliers. They have hard bodies and small heads. At the larva stage, weevils are whitish in color. Female weevils are capable of covering 60-80 miles in a single day. Thus, the growth of SAPW infestation and widespread destruction is obvious.

Symptoms Of South American Palm Weevil

  • Yellowing foliage
  • Flattening of the crown, holes, and tunnels with an accumulation of frass at the base of the tree
  • Leaflets appear notched, clipped, or windowed
  • Chewed off mid-blade pinnae
  • Reduced growth of the newest leaves
  • Digging holes in the trees
  • Pupal cases that look like shredded wheat biscuits
  • Death of new and emerging fronds
  • Brown leaves and canopy
  • Crown begins to collapse
  • Infected palms become weak at their core
South American Palm Weevil Treatment

How Can You Get Rid Of South American Palm Weevil

It’s crucial to manage and control the spread of the Palm Weevil Infestation. Early identification of symptoms is advantageous. Tree Doctor USA experts have developed an innovative treatment to eliminate weevils in the larvae stage. Applying systemic insecticides and injections to the crown, trunk, or soil can retain the health and vigor of your infected palm trees.

Benefits Of Our SAPW Treatment

  • It reduces the risk of other healthy palm trees getting affected by the disease
  • The affected tree gets all the care needed to cure it at a faster rate
  • Save your property from getting destroyed. As once other trees start getting affected, your landscape will get ruined completely
  • No harsh physical damage is done to the tree while treating it. As doctors have expertise in providing treatment to trees
  • Once the treatment has been provided to the tree, there is a high chance of it not getting affected by it easily
  • Improves the overall environment in the arena
  • The best Palm Tree Bugs Treatment is provided to the trees at the most reasonable price

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Frequently Asked Questions

Trapping adult weevils is an effective strategy that is typically used in conjunction with insecticide. You employ aggregation pheromones to attract females in this palm weevil management strategy. To kill the weevils, combine these pheromones with insecticide in a container.

Yes, using a sharp cutting tool, remove the larva-infested plant sections. You won’t be able to preserve the tree if the entire trunk is harmed. The easiest way to stop the weevils from spreading to neighboring trees is to burn the diseased plant, roots, and all.

Insecticides are an excellent method for preventing and managing weevil problems. You can use either natural or chemical pesticides when choosing a pesticide.

The biological substance that can be used to keep weevils and other pests at bay is neem oil. Neem oil is used to inhibit insects from feeding by altering their food cycle. However, expert assistance is advisable to avoid the dangerous effects.

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