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Root Rot is a disease that affects trees planted in wet soil. This decomposing disease is very dangerous and can shorten the life of any tree or plant. It is relatively common in houseplants. The engine of the plant will get disrupted with the invasion of this fungus.

As the first symptoms happen beneath the soil, it is tricky to detect the root rot spread in a timely manner. Hence, a professional tree health assessment is crucial to know the actual cause of the symptoms.

About Root Rot

Tree Root rot affects plant health through two main sources, the most common of which are poorly drained or overwatered soils. Because of the wet conditions, roots are unable to absorb all of the oxygen they require to survive. Even if you correct the damp circumstances, the rot from the oxygen-starved roots can spread to healthy roots as they die and decay.

Species of the Pythium, Phytophthora, Rhizoctonia, Xylaria, and Fusarium Wilt are the usual culprits of root rot disease in plants. These fungi have caused root rot on a huge array of plants. Once root rot disease attacks your plants, they can’t absorb moisture and nourishment. They can travel across the soil, damaging the roots of nearby plants. Thus, timely treatment of root rot disease is crucial. If you are not proactive in treatment and prevention, your whole landscape will be at risk.

Symptoms Of Root Rot

  • Poor or stunted growth of infected plants
  • Stunting, wilting, and discolored leaves
  • Distorted or twisted leaves
  • Early leaf loss
  • Foliage, shoots, and branch dieback
  • Fewer or smaller leaves, fruits, and flowers
  • Older leaves will turn yellow and fall
  • Dark brown or black roots of infected plants
  • Roots are limp and not brittle and crisp
  • Blackening of trunk
  • Drooping of crown
  • Interventional chlorosis
Tree Root Rot Treatment

How Can You Get Rid Of Root Rot Disease

Diagnosing root rot in younger and smaller trees is very tricky. Trunk and root injections and sprays can help prevent the spread of root rot. Systematic pesticides will also help eliminate the problem. Over and under watering, poor drainage, and nutrient deficiencies are also a reason for root rot. Hence, it is ideal to call arborists for optimum tree nutrition and soil care regularly. Also, they will monitor the condition of all plants and trees in your landscape before suggesting the best course of action.

Benefits Of Our Tree Root Rot Treatment

  • Tree Root Rot treatment improves the overall health of the tree by removing the primary and secondary causes of the disease
  • Qualified experts will provide tree root rot protection and treatment solutions
  • People only buy property having powerful and healthy trees. It also encourages a better way of life
  • A healthy tree will provide a better atmosphere around itself
  • Trees are directly linked with the soil. Hence, a tree free from root rot disease will have a positive impact on the soil
  • Once we cure the disease, there is a high probability that the tree will not be affected by it again. Thus, trees will grow stronger with ease

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Frequently Asked Questions

In order to fix Root rot from the tree, the first step is to remove the affected plant from the soil and then wash its roots thoroughly under running water. While being gentle with the plant, wash away soil and afflicted roots as much as possible.

The roots of plants must remain healthy to prevent root rot. Overwatering should be avoided, excellent drainage should be allowed, the soil should be replaced if necessary, and healthy plants should be chosen.

To control the progression of tree root infections, it would be best if you offer water to your plants and trees only when they are dry. You need to offer proper treatment to control the Root Rot disease.

Plants or trees suffering from root rot disease are unable to absorb nutrients or minerals properly. So, you will observe poor growth, wilted leaves, decaying branches, and a thinner canopy. Call our expert arborists instantly to diagnose and cure the disease.