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Protect your trees and plants in the landscape from insect infestation through our tree insect and pest control services. Thorough monitoring and precise tree insecticides along with maintenance are essential to control insect and pest growth in trees, plants, and shrubs.

Trees and plants that are under stress or vulnerable are more likely the targets of insects and pests. It is rightly said, ‘Healthier Your Trees Lesser The Chance Of Insect Attack.’ The insect damage forms hard, colored bumps on leaves and stems, declining health with a massive attack. But they go unnoticed until your plants and trees show external damage. Also, primary invaders become the natural enemies of all healthy trees in your yard or landscape. So, to restore tree and plant health, you need to mitigate the impact of harmful insects and pests.

By the way, all the insects are not bad. This is why our tree borer treatment preserves beneficial and harmless insects and completely eradicates all harmful pests to maintain ecological sustainability. Conductive tissues on the trunk and branches extensively get damaged with the generation and penetration of these hazardous insects, bugs, and pests.

However, it’s highly tricky to control insects, bugs, and pests. But eliminating unwelcome critters is crucial to maintaining ideal tree healthcare conditions. Also, the treatment is tailor-made for every species of the plantation. Hence, you need certified arborists to safeguard your trees & shrubs and keep your landscape vibrant and healthy. Ensure your plant efficacy and structural integrity with expert monitoring and treatment solutions.

Prevention Of Gold Spotted Oak Borer

Popular of attacking oak species in coastal live, canyon live, and California Black, Goldspotted Oak Borer disease appear as red blistering or black stains with sap oozing from under the bark. The infestation of GSOB would eventually result in tree mortality if left ignored. So, effective treatment of the larvae and the galleries are required to stop the spread and avoid sudden oak death.


Gold Spotted Oak Borer
Shot Hole Borer Treatment

Superior Shot Hole Borer Treatment

Shot hole borer attacks hundreds of tree species in San Diego, Orange County, Western Riverside, L.A., and San Bernardino. The disease carries fungal spores that infect hardwood plants majorly. However, you will find fungal spores on bark, stems, and branches that are evident as wet staining and discoloration on the bark. But the symptoms vary depending on plant species.


Extensive Cure Of South American Palm Weevil

South American palm weevil majorly attack palm and ornamental trees in San Diego and nearby areas. The damage primarily initiates with larval feeding to the apical meristem that results in crown collapse or palm mortality. Usually, the crown tilts or flattens when SAPW is infested, and the attack is in advanced stages. Also, you will see yellow foliage, holes, and tunnels on infected trees.


South American Palm Weevil
Caterpillar Treatment

Leaf Chewing Tent Caterpillar Treatment

Tent Caterpillars are the larvae of several moths that can defoliate many deciduous trees and shrubs shortly. Ornamental shade trees are at the highest risk of attack from these hairy caterpillars. They build nests in the crotch of trees, branches, leaves, twigs, shoots, and trunks. You can easily see these caterpillars feeding on leaf tissues. Usually, the infestation of tent caterpillars occurs in spring or early summer.


Wood Boring Insects Infestation & Damage Control

Wood-boring insects are one of the most harmful pests that attack ornamental plants. They destroy the watering and sap tissues of stressed plants and shrubs. It’s hard to see symptoms of infestation unless serious external damage is done as they are seldom detected. They will produce holes or tunnels in the inner bark layer along with sawdust-like frass.


Wood Boring Insects Infestation & Damage Control
Ambrosia Beetle Identification & Prevention

Granulate Ambrosia Beetle Identification & Prevention

Unfortunately, Ambrosia beetles that are infested on ornamental, fruits, nuts, and 100 species of deciduous trees go unnoticed for a long time. They spend most of their lives inside trees and can cause catastrophic damages. So, you need professional treatment to stop the spread and mitigate the damage. However, the beetle is mostly attracted to stressed plants and trees.


Comprehensive Moth Treatment Solutions

Adult moths larvae begin feeding on leaves and then on tree defoliation after the major infestation is caused. Signs of chewed leaves, frass, and webbing on boxwood plants are often the indication of moths’ infestation on them. Continual tree health management and inspection are required to have control on moth infestation. Hot weather and conditions of dry soil are favorable for moth larvae development.


Moth Treatment Solutions
Scale Insects Treatment

Professional Scale Insects Treatment

Mobile scales settle down on plant tissues to feed and never move again. They get firmly attached to leaves to pierce the tissues with their needle-like mouth. However, it’s difficult to sight them as they hide by covering with a waxy material. So, you need trained eyes to detect them before heavy infestation and damage to a wide variety of plants.


Control The Spread Of Tricky Spider Mites

These tiny eight-legged creatures, a type of arachnid, are found underside of leaves, especially the plants grown in dry environments. The notable sign of their spread is webbing, tiny spotting on leaves, and splotchy yellowish or brownish color. However, spider mites are resistant to normal pesticides, so you need professional help to control the spread and alleviate them quickly.


Control The Spread Of Tricky Spider Mites
Overcome The Potential Threat Of Whiteflies

Overcome The Potential Threat Of Whiteflies

The beautiful ornamental plants in your yard often have the threat of whiteflies. They will not only absorb minerals in plants but also transit numerous viruses that are highly dangerous for tree and plant health. Also, the infestation is quite rapid and magnifying. A wide range of indoor and outdoor plants have the potential threat of whitefly attack.


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