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Gypsy Moths are a well-known problem for hardwood trees. Every year, moth pest is defoliating a million or more trees.

A tree infested with moths is in danger itself and poses a potential threat to the surroundings. When the infestation is severe, they will strip leaves of the entire tree in a few days. Of course, healthy and vital trees can survive the first attack of a moth. But they will be susceptible to another disease, boring insect, or pest attack. So, checking and treating the voracious larvae of these moths are crucial.

About Moths

Gypsy moths, though small in size, have a ferocious appetite. They have a strong ability to reproduce. Being quick in migrating, they will travel away from the host trees. Thus, they will find their way into the most residential neighborhoods.

Very few of you would know that the gypsy moth was originally a breeding experiment that went wrong in the USA. They found plenty of trees to feed on outside the lab. Since then, gypsy moths have created havoc across the USA.

The larvae of moths called Caterpillars feed on the trees. The spring feeding will occur for 2-3 months only. However, the impact of their feeding can be long-lasting. Gypsy moths will not directly deteriorate tree health. The loss of leaves will invite other tree health problems indirectly. So, an all-round Tree Health Assessment & management is crucial.

The larvae will turn to adult moths in a year and lay new brood eggs. This will continue the growth of infestation in exotic places as well. The foraging will cause potential damage next year, and hence effective moth pest control treatment is crucial.

Symptoms Of Moths

  • The silky webs of tiny gypsy moths will be seen everywhere once active
  • The distinct color of the gypsy moth makes them easy to identify
  • You can find them on tree trunks
  • Light leaf damage to host plants
  • Unfurling of leaves
  • Small feeding holes in the leaves
  • Thin tree crowns
  • Dieback of branches
  • Branches stripped bare of leaves
  • Descending from the canopy on silken threads
  • Trees lose all leaves like the fall season
  • In case of extensive infestation, you may experience tree’s complete defoliation
Moths Pest Control

How Can You Get Rid Of Moths

To get rid of moths at the larval stage, it is vital to understand how and when their larvae feed. Arboriculture Consultation with experts will throw light on it and also suggest an ideal solution. We understand the behavior of gypsy moths thoroughly before offering natural insecticide, injections, and tailored treatment to control them. Moreover, offering treatment early in spring will be helpful for all homeowners. By doing so, you can protect your trees, plants, and shrubs from gypsy moth pest attacks.

Benefits Of Our Moths Treatment

  • Moths pest control will help you terminate the fear of deteriorating tree health and leaf loss.
  • Moths make your trees look highly displeasing. A tree covered in both webs and larvae is a threat to your yard and household. After moth infestation treatment, you retain the health of trees and the aesthetics of your yard or garden.
  • At Tree Doctor USA, we use various techniques to prevent pest infestation, including fumigation, which is the most effective way to deal with moths.
  • Minute inspection of trees to identify the behavior of the moth.
  • Strategic approaches for eliminating quickly migrating moths.
  • With moth removal service from our professionals, you can expect effective and long-lasting solutions to keep your trees pest-free and healthy.
  • Integrated Pest Management (IPM) to control all species of moths and other pests.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can get rid of moths in houseplants by spraying insecticides and pesticides timely. Other home remedies include filling your house with cedar, using vinegar spray, and terminating all moth eggs and larvae on furniture, clothes, and household items can act as the best solution.

Moths can be treated with insecticide sprays, herbal neem plant sprays, and fumigation. Professional moths pest control companies use fumigation to ensure zero moths and reach every nook and corner of the tree.

Spraying insecticides and pesticides timely and efficiently is inevitable to have complete control over moth infestation. Moreover, moths are toxic and spread rapidly in your landscape. So, call experts for complete and effective removal and prevention solutions.

The exact length of effects depends on the type of treatment done. We offer the most effective solutions for your tree healthcare needs.