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In Alpine, South American Palm Weevils are known to frequently cause unwanted tree damage. The weevil larvae feeding on the palm trees cause significant damage to its crown. It may ultimately cause the death of the meristematic tissues of the affected palm trees in the Alpine area. The palm trees of the Alpine are therefore highly susceptible to this tree disease.

Common signs of deteriorating tree health due to palm weevil are:

  • Chewed and protruding tree fibers.
  • Reddish-brown liquid oozing out of the rotten tree holes.
  • Withering top of the young palm trees and trunks of the older palm trees.
  • Yellowing of the inner whorls of the leaves during the later stages of palm weevil infestation.</li

Over the years, South American palm weevil has been infesting the native and non-native palm trees in the Alpine landscape. Making use of eco-friendly and organic treatment management plans may help secure and keep palm trees free from palm weevil infestation.

At Tree Doctor USA, tree care professionals aim to provide best-in-class treatment plans customized as per the needs of the infected trees. One of the benefits of hiring professionals from Tree Doctor USA is that they offer a range of healthcare services along with South American Palm Weevil treatment in Alpine. They offer tree healthcare assessment, insect control, and disease control treatments.

Steps Taken To Reduce Palm Weevil Infestation In Alpine

Plant Health Care Services

Clean and environment-safe treatment – small quantities of insecticide is injected into the central part of the infected tree trunks for palm weevil larvae removal.

Plant Health Care Services
Pheromone Trap

Specialized buckets have 3 to 4 holes with pheromones suspended in it from the trees to lure the palm weevil into the buckets from the trees.

Plant Health Care Services
Coconut Log Trap

Buckets suspended with molasses, acetic acid, and yeast along with insecticides to trap adult palm weevils.

Plant Health Care Services
Sealing Wood Surface

Varnish, polyurethane, or paints may be used as a protectant to seal wooden surfaces and prevent the palm weevils from laying eggs.

Plant Health Care Services
Soil Quality Improvement

Improving the soil quality and avoidance of excessive moisture boosts tree resistance to infestations.

Plant Health Care Services
Plant Care

We offer nutrients and water to your trees to boost their immunity and enhance strength to fight against diseases and infestations.

Merits Of Palm Tree Pests & Disease Treatment In Alpine

  • Correct identification of insects for most effective extirpation of harmful palm weevil.
  • Searching for the root cause of palm weevil infestation such as hole plugging or water leaks to eliminate it.
  • Treatment in the early stages can help to completely eradicate palm weevil from the infected trees.
  • Multiple steps are followed in an ordered manner for long-term damage removal.
  • Traps are quite eco-friendly to remove adult palm weevil from the palm trees and their surroundings.
  • Injections in small amounts prevent the insecticides from spreading to the surrounding trees and ground.


Insect and pest solutions

How Do Our Expert Arborists Take Care Of The Trees?

We are well aware that the SAPW infestation can deteriorate the health of healthy looking palm trees in the Alpine landscape. However, the spread of infestation is very fast, so we hire experts with hands-on experience for Alpine bed bug treatment and palm tree bugs treatment.

For accurate bed bug or palm bug treatment, expert arborists carry out detailed inspection and diagnosis of the damaged palm tree species in your yard or commercial landscape. After that assessment report is prepared to identify the ideal treatment for your palm tree healthcare needs. Of course, the SAPW control treatment will not be the same for all palm species. So, we offer customized palm tree pests and diseases treatment in Alpine to take care of unusual palm tree healthcare needs too.

We use non-toxic and long-lasting treatment to control the harmful effects of SAPW; thereby retaining palm tree health. So, if you see signs of infestation on crown, brown and drooping fronds, or notched, clipped, or widowed leaflets,without any ado call our arborists in Alpine for bed bug treatment as weevil begins to feed on the palm heart and kills it in a very short span. We will offer quick, safe, affordable, and hassle-free services for palm tree bugs treatment in Alpine.

Preserve all palm tree species from bed bugs, pests, insects, and diseases, Get Effective Palm Tree Pests and Diseases Treatment in Alpine; Call us now on (760) 285 0099 !