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Weather and climate in Huntington Beach are often dry and cool but it turns damp in the evening. This dampness leaves moisture on trees that invite invasive pests and insect infestation. The presence of invasive pests can be disastrous for a tree. They reduce the growth that causes extensive harm to the entire structure. These pests can also be a threat to human life as they can cause allergies and other poisonous reactions in the human body. To save yourself and your trees from these harmful creatures, you must take professional help for pest control in Huntington Beach.

Tree Doctor USA can be the ultimate solution to this problem. We are a well-known tree healthcare company providing quality services of pest control in Huntington Beach CA. Our arborists have the knowledge and years-long expertise to curb pest infestation at an early stage or save the tree from severe infestation as well.

Types of Treatments for Insect & Pest Control in Huntington Beach

Wood Boring Insect Treatment

Wood-boring insects often infest weak or vulnerable trees by creating holes in the host plant. Our arborists know their nature and lifecycle which helps them in saving your trees against wood-boring insect attacks.

Caterpillar Control Treatment

Caterpillars are voracious eaters with a huge appetite. That’s why we use effective treatment methods to remove them from trees before they become destructive and start eating your plants.

Scales Treatment

Spider Mite treatment is quite tough due to its invisibility on trees. Our arborists look for their infestation origin before choosing any method. After identifying them, they completely remove pests from the tree.

White Fly Treatment

Whiteflies infest smaller or young plants very early as they have a higher reproduction rate. We restrict their reproduction abilities and destroy by using safe and reliant insecticides and chemicals.

Gypsy Moths Treatment

Our team use correct treatments and a combination of chemical that eliminate moths at the larvae stage only. We draft a tailored treatment to control them from harming your trees.

South American Palm Weevil

The attack of South American Palm Weevil can lead the tree to root rot disease. We know their lifecycle and where they take shelter so we choose insecticides and injections accordingly.

Reasons to Take Pest & Insect Control Services in Huntington Beach

  • It helps you eliminate damaging and invasive pests and insects stuck to the tree parts.
  • Many pests carry illnesses that can even affect human health. Through pest control in Huntington Beach, you can ensure your safety and well-being.
  • It supports tree roots in swallowing the required nutrients and supplements in the right quantity.
  • Pest control in Huntington Beach reduces the chance of root and soil diseases and protects the tree against other health hazards.


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Why Tree Doctor USA Is An Idol Partner For Your Trees?

Pest and insect infestation are common issues that tree owners in Huntington Beach often face while maintaining their trees. Pests and insects like termites, beetles, spider mites, ants, caterpillars, moths, white flies, bugs, etc can severely damage trees. These pests cause serious problems for homeowners and therefore it is essential to eliminate them before they start harming your trees.

Tree Doctor USA can back you up in fighting pest infestation. We have a team of experienced & certified arborists who have expertise in providing assistance for pest control in Huntington Beach. We use the latest equipment, safe pesticides, injections, chemicals, and sprays for the treatment of pest infestation.

Our team examines the tree before selecting any treatment. We don’t over-prioritize the use of pesticides, we do try to take a different approach if things can be done without using pesticides. Our arborists know other methods like Tree Pruning and trapping as well. They look at the condition and then decide which method they want to choose for the process of pest control in Huntington Beach.

Our primary job is to ensure the trees standing in your yard look healthy and grow well. We nourish your trees with utmost sensitivity and care as we respect them for giving us life.

Connect with the Tree Doctor USA team to book insect and pest control treatments in Huntington Beach.

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