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Irvine has a perfect climate to give birth to numerous invasive pests and insects that hold the power to affect tree health negatively. Pests like Gypsy Moths, Scales, Spider Mites, Shot Hole Borers, Ambrosia Beetles, etc multiply into manifolds and infest the entire tree. Sometimes, they cover the whole tree making it vulnerable to disease and death. In a few cases, gardeners don’t even realize that the tree died due to pest infestation. That’s why pest control in Irvine is an essential practice for saving trees from these toxic creatures.

Tree Doctor USA offers a helping hand for the Irvine pest control process. We detect pest infestation and apply safe insecticides and injections to protect trees from it. Our arborists prune or cut wounded branches to prevent the spread from reaching the rest of the tree. If this isn’t enough then let us tell you more about it.

Types of Insect & Pest Control Treatments

Shot Hole Borer Treatment

Shot Hole Borer Treatment

Shothole Borers mostly target trees affected by a dry climate, drought, or disease. Our arborists find and remove the parts where they breed to save the rest tree from the invasive pest.


Caterpillar Control Treatment

Caterpillars suck all the essential nutrients from trees making them weak. To repel them, we use neem oil and if the infestation is severe we inject insecticides and injections into the tree.


Scales Treatment

Scales stick to tiny twigs and suck tree sap. These insects are hard to find but our arborists are trained extensively to identify them. Once recognized, they apply safe insecticides to remove them.

Ambrosia Beetle

Ambrosia Beetle Treatment

These beetles harm the tree by forming tunnels that inject fungus into the tree. Through our treatments, we remove the pest and tunnels that give birth to infestation.

Gypsy Moths

Gypsy Moths Treatment

Gypsy Moths possess a strong ability to multiply themselves through reproduction. Our tested method for pest control in Irvine not only stops their infestation but reproduction as well.

Spider Mites

Spider Mites Treatment

Spider Mites hide under tree leaves in a colony. They silently eat leaves and destroy trees’ production ability. We repel them by applying natural oils, safe insecticides, and sprays.

Reasons to Take Professional Assistance for Pest Control in Irvine

  • Taking Pest control service in Irvine helps you maintain the overall health of your trees and boost their natural immune defense system.
  • Keeping your trees away from pests and insects means keeping them lush, green, and strong.
  • Eliminating invasive pests boost the presence of healthy pests and insects that promotes ideal tree growth.
  • On-time pest control in Irvine saves the tree from diseases, death, and decay. It adds more years to a tree’s lifespan.


Pest Control in Irvine

How Our Arborists Repel Pest & Insect Infestation?

Pest and insect identification is one of the toughest task and novice arborists fail to reconize them. This delay results in tree disease, decay, or death. Arborists at Tree Doctor USA are experienced enough to identify the pests or insects sticking to tree leaves, bark, stems, or other parts.

Our arborists keenly inspect your trees to identify weak points or wounds in your trees that pests may be able to break into. This tree health assessment helps find out the pest or insect type and choose the specific treatment as per the result. They also make sure you aren’t overburdening your trees with nutrients, water supply, air, or sunlight.

We use safe and lab-tested pest sprays, chemicals, insecticides, and injections for conducting the process of pest control in Irvine CA. Our treatment only eradicates invasive pests and leaves healthy pests and insects to support tree growth.

Our arborists give you important tips and reveal effective daily tree care practices for pest control in Irvine on a daily basis. So you don’t have to face a similar situation in the future as healthy plants are strong enough to survive the pest infestation. You can take our help in protecting your beloved trees and plants from invasive pests and insects and we’d be delighted to serve you.

Call Tree Doctor USA’s expert team to avail the best insect and pest control services in Irvine.