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Just like humans, trees also get sick and require treatment to detect the pest infestation or disease before it gets too late for a tree to survive. Sometimes symptoms of infected trees are obvious such as distorted or chewed foliage, leaf spot, stunted leaf growth, yellowing of foliage, etc. But at other times, you may need to take a closer inspection to identify the problem. You do not need to worry about tree diseases and pest infestation as our pest control services in Lakeside will ensure your trees’ safety.

Trees remain susceptible to pests or insects year-round; therefore, we provide pest and insect management programs. These programs ensure that your trees and landscape stay healthy and protected from infestation or other tree diseases. Our certified arborists evaluate your trees to identify particular insects causing damage. After identifying the damaging insects, we have developed dedicated tree insect control programs in Lakeside.

Our certified team can identify the intricate signs of pest or insect infestations. We conduct regular visits to keep your landscape healthy, beautiful, and disease-free. Lakeside residents can contact us anytime to resolve tree concerns.

Tree Pest and Insect Control In Lakeside

Tree Assessment

Our botany professionals are experienced and can quickly assess your trees efficiently. They can identify stressed trees and the primary cause behind them. We also help you to recognize the trees that are susceptible to pests.

Determining Species

At first, arborists identify the correct pests or diseases to determine the particular treatment. Our extensive experience and modern tools help us to determine the species precisely.

Pests or Insects Management

Our customized treatment plans are highly effective for controlling pest or insect infestation. The applied treatment makes the tree stronger and increases its resistance against pests or insects.

Tree Insecticide

We spray insecticide to fix insect and pest infestation permanently. Besides that, we visit your landscape after the treatment to assess the trees’ progress. So, we can sustain and increase its beauty.

Tree Nourishment

We improve the soil structure and regulate the water flow besides filtering the pollutants. We provide essential nutrients to the soil as healthy soil promotes tree growth. Having all the needed nutrients helps trees to withstand pests or insects.

Prevent Further Infection

We protect healthy trees besides curing infected trees. We assess the condition of healthy trees and provide nutrients to sustain the health of trees so that trees can fight diseases, pests, or insects on their own.

Benefits of Pest and Insect Control Services in Lakeside

  • Our treatment plans help to prevent pest or insect infestation attacks efficiently for years to come.
  • Trees can relieve summer scorch and other seasonal stresses.
  • Tree Doctor helps to prevent additional dieback of branches.
  • Trees will start to appear more healthy and green.
  • We facilitate long-term survival and stability for your trees.
  • Services from expert arborists who are trained with the latest equipment.


Competent Pest & Insect Management Services in Lakeside

Once the tree is infected, the pests or diseases can quickly infest the surrounding trees and create more health problems. Unhealthy trees are disease-ridden liabilities; therefore, you must detect pest or insect infestation on an immediate basis. Contact our Tree Doctor experts if you notice discoloration, branch dieback, wilting leaves, holes, and loose bark on the trunk. Even healthy trees get attacked by invasive pests or insects, despite your best efforts to keep them healthy.

When you overlook tree care, the health of trees will deteriorate gradually. That is why proper maintenance is the key to keeping your trees in sound health. Well-maintained trees by Tree Doctor experts last longer and have an attractive appearance. We also provide tree borer treatment in Lakeview because the weather is perfect for beetle borers to thrive here.

Our arborists can efficiently prevent severe damage by spraying Tree Insecticide in Lakeside, caused by pest or insect infestation. Our safety-conscious local team and arborists are dedicated to keeping your property trees thriving, safe, and beautiful. Our comprehensive treatment, as well as a maintenance plan, help you to achieve desired results.

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