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Trees are a great addition to any landscape. They remove pollutants from the air, protect us from the elements, and provide jobs in our towns. However, we use a holistic approach to caring for your trees. In many cases, the indications of poor tree health don’t show up until the illness or insect infestation has developed. When a homeowner discovers a problem, it’s often too late.

The best way to tell if your trees are stressed is to obtain an expert’s opinion. You may call professional tree service in Lemon-Grove to help you and provide professional, honest advice and recommendations for free.

Add To The Beauty Of Your Home With Landscaping

Tree Healthcare Problems In Lemon-Grove

Maintaining the health of your trees requires regular inspection and the application of preventative treatments. When a tree becomes ill, it may lean to one side or develop lesions on its bark. Dead branches that fall from the tree are yet another sign. If you notice any of these signs, the tree may be sick. Insects and mites that harm the leaves of trees make them sick.

Trees can fall sick due to varying reasons ranging from fungi to insects or others. If your plants and trees show any signs of being affected by diseases or look dull, you should immediately get in touch with the tree care services in Lemon-Grove who would conduct an early check of your trees and plants.

Trees Prone To Infection & Stress In Lemon-Grove

  • Cherry Trees
  • Olive Trees
  • Oak Trees
  • Pine Trees
  • Lemon Trees
  • Oak Tree
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