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Healthy trees enhance the landscape esthetics and increase the property value. However, maintaining the trees around your residential and commercial property requires expertise and extensive experience to understand the tree life cycle according to the fluctuating weather conditions in Los Angeles. Tree Doctor can address your tree health concerns, as our consulting arborists in Los Angeles are ISA certified and specialize in managing individual tree needs.

Our certified consulting arborists in Los Angeles not only identify the issues but also devise an effective plan that leads to healthy and happy trees. They offer tips and recommendations on ways to keep up with your tree health and eliminate future risks. Our trained arborists provides wealth of knowledge regarding proper tree care like, identifying pests and disease identification, risk assessment, tree preservation techniques and overall resource management planning. Tree Doctor arborists are dedicated to maintaining tree health and identifying harmful issues.

Our Arboricultural Consulting Services Comprises The Following

Tree Inspection

We check the branch tips on the crown. Upon spotting dead twigs at the end of the branch or entire branches dying off, we recommend prompt action to prevent damage.

Root Assessment

Our arborists analyze the supporting root system’s size, direction, length and angle. It indicates the viability of the tree structure and the likelihood of potential problems.

Tree Risk Assessment

Besides drone inspection and tissue testing, our consultant performs tree risk assessment by evaluating tree roots, trunk, and crown to detect structural defects.

Pruning & Maintenance Consultation

To mitigate and prevent structural issues, our consultant detects the diseased, broken, or dead tree branches & broken limbs that pose a threat to people & nearby areas.

Pest Or Insect Evaluation

Our arborists help you identify pests or insect infestations and prescribe needed treatment and advice for routine monitoring and preserving beneficial insects.

Irrigation Assessment

Due to fluctuating weather conditions, our consultant offers several watering solutions for trees. All tree needs a consistent watering schedule in different amount.

Advantages Of Availing Arborists Consulting Services In Los Angeles

  • Appropriate consultation helps you determine the potential risks.
  • Arboricultural consultant in Los Angeles helps you eliminate hazardous tree situations due to dead branches or overgrowth.
  • You can effectively plan your budget for tree health management.
  • Tree consultation in Los Angeles helps you improve tree health and overall landscape aesthetics.
  • They offer guidance on soil aeration to improve root growth.
  • For branches with weak attachment, they guide on cabling and bracing.
  • Offers complete tree healthcare and prevents long-term damage.


How Our Arborist Consulting Services In Los Angeles improve Your Landscape Aesthetics?

Trees’ condition constantly changes with time and cannot withstand different weather conditions. Luckily, Tree Doctor arborists can easily mitigate risks and preserve your tree’s health. Our arborists for tree consultation in Los Angeles are trained in the art and science of planting, caring and maintaining various tree species according to the typography. They can quickly identify harmful issues before they can become a significant threat.

Our consultant can easily determine if the tree poses a threat to your home or if removal is essential. Our advisor recommends various treatments to preserve your tree health for years. The solution ranges from spreading mulch to spraying insecticide or removing the tree. Our arboricultural consultant in Los Angeles offers tree inventories and management plans for a large landscape needing detailed management.

We understand that tree health management is a complex task. However, our consulting arborists in Los Angeles assess your landscape needs and provide various options that work. We are committed to tree care and work safely and ethically. Our arborists always make them available as a resource whenever a tree health issue arises in Los Angeles.

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