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For staying healthy, plants and trees roped in Los Angeles prefer ideal soil condition that is neither too acidic nor too alkaline. Though many factors contribute to deteriorating soil conditions weather conditions, climate, nutrients, soil texture, lack of water supply, pest & insect infestation, use of fertilizers, etc. All these factors are present in the city’s soil. It negatively affects tree growth and restricts it from achieving optimum health. For its solution, you may need professional help for soil remediation in Los Angeles. By initiating soil remediation practices, you can increase yield, and tree productivity, and fight diseases.

Tree Doctor USA is the perfect service provider known for offering soil disease treatment in Los Angeles. We have expert and experienced arborists that develop perfect solutions for soil treatment using reliable enzymes, nutrients, and chemicals.
You can take their advice or help to ensure well being of your trees and to maintain their ideal condition.

Soil Aeration

Soil aeration is essential to fulfilling the need for oxygen and reducing carbon dioxide levels. In the process, our arborists use an air spade to balance oxygen levels by removing the top layer of soil

Air Spading

Air spading is an effective treatment to fill the missing nutrients back in the soil. We do the air spading to add organic material to the soil that treats damaged soil and cut through the soil compaction

Root Growth Regulators

Our arborists inject safe and reliable tree growth regulators that do not harm your tree negatively. Instead, these regulators control overgrowth and maintain the steady growth of the tree.

Vertical Mulching

We provide vertical mulching treatment to improve tree root conditions, functions, and overall health of the tree. We conduct the process using non-toxic materials that also increase water infiltration.

Deep Root Fertilization

We apply powerful but safe tree and shrub fertilizers and other chemicals to boost tree growth and keep the tree disease free. We have special equipment and expertise to conclude the process safely.

Bio-Stimulant Treatment

Our bio-stimulant treatments are effective enough to improve the condition of the tree root, soil water storing capacity, root diameter, and microbial activities in the soil.

Benefits Of Taking Soil Treatment Services In Los Angeles

  • Taking soil treatment in Los Angeles can help remove toxins and chemicals that can harm the tree.
  • It sheds off excess nutrients that may support overgrowth or other health hazards.
  • Professional soil treatment services in Los Angeles promote soil’s vitality and ability to retain water.
  • It supports healthy root growth and mitigates productivity issues.
  • Enzymes used in soil treatment keep the soil in optimal condition and away from pest and insect infestation.


How Tree Doctor USA Can Treat Your Trees?

There are many microorganisms present in the soil and each one has different abilities and characteristics to fight diseases or pests. These microorganisms are termed beneficial microbes that are required to sustain a tree. That’s why it is essential to take soil care treatment as promotes optimum root growth and the presence of diverse and healthy microbial populations in the soil. Tree Doctor USA is among the most reputed soil remediation companies in Los Angeles that you can choose for treating your tree’s soil.

While providing soil treatment services in Los Angeles, we use reliable products that act as soil conditioners to maintain soil health while increasing the count of healthy microorganisms.

Our treatments balance the use quantity and composition of required nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium in the soil. These nutrients are significant for the development of a strong root health zone that produces healthier plants and makes the tree able to fight diseases.

Tree Doctor USA works hard to sustain trees and ensure their long life as we respect their dedication to our environment and human life. That’s why we take our job seriously and leave no damage behind that can affect your trees. Your trees will not face any side effects of our treatments and they’ll only grow green and healthy.