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A new exotic and invasive weevil, popular as South American Palm Weevil, has infested and damaged palm species in Oceanside. Early signs of palm weevil infestation may be hard to discern. Its attack on the later stage is conspicuous, non-detection of which can cause palm tree death.

Adult palm weevils cause feeding damage on the leaves. Whereas the larvae feed on the palm crowns, damaging the trunks all along. The palm weevils attack the palm hearts, turning the meristematic tissues into fermented mush. Common indications are the tree crown and trunk showing boreholes with a brownish viscous liquid and chewed fiber. Palm weevil infestation rots the tree from the inside. Hence, the leaves may wilt or turn yellow on the outside. So, palm tree pests and disease treatment in Oceanside is inevitable to refrain palm species from dying.

South American Palm Weevil infestation in Oceanside can be reduced through systematic diagnosis and treatment using chemical controls. At Tree Doctor, our tree care professionals identify and provide relevant controls to keep the palm weevils in check. After proper South American Palm Weevil treatment in your yard or garden in Oceanside, care is taken to ensure the palm trees can be restored before any irreversible damage occurs. Our bed bug exterminators in Oceanside aim at providing environment-friendly and long-lasting measures to keep the palm trees happy and thriving.

This Is How Our Palm Weevil Treatment Plan Works In Oceanside!

Soil Care Treatment
Tree Injections

Nutrients and medicines may be injected on the tree trunk to prevent the palm weevil larvae from growing and spreading.

Soil Care Treatment
Foliar Sprays

Chemical sprays may inhibit the palm weevils from making the palm trees as their breeding ground, keeping the infestation from growing further.

Soil Care Treatment
Insecticides & Pesticides

Insecticides and pesticides are used in appropriate proportion, suspending the palm weevils from feeding on the crown and trunks.

Soil Care Treatment
Trap Techniques

At the prime stage of infestation, pheromone or sugarcane molasses traps may be set using bait buckets to prevent the palm trees getting damaged further.

Soil Care Treatment
Soil Care

Soil care applications alongside a combination of trunk injections and chemical sprays are used to inhibit the growth of palm weevils.

Soil Care Treatment

The infected areas may be cut to prevent inward movement of the palm weevils, preventing the palm trees from rotting inside.

Benefits Of South American Palm Weevil Treatment

  • Prevents the palm trees from rotting internally.
  • Protects the trunk and crown of different palm tree species from getting into a further infestation.
  • Detection in the early stages can prevent palm trees from being completely rotten.
  • Integrated pest control techniques can keep the meristematic tissues of the palm trees from bearing more damage.
  • Luring away the palm weevils during the peak time of infestation is fruitful for the decreasing health of palm trees.
  • Prevention of palm weevil breeding ground can keep the damage at bay until the next year.
Insect and pest solutions

Experienced Tree Care Professionals For Palm Tree Bugs Treatment In Oceanside

For protecting the health of palm trees from palm weevils, our tree care experts identify and diagnose the trees. Our bed bug exterminators in Oceanside look for common ways of identifying the palm weevil infestation. On its basis, they understand the stage of damage caused by the palm weevils.

The palm trees are assessed later on based on the diagnosis reports and inspection results. Subsequently, relevant treatment plans for palm tree pests and diseases, covering our provided services are made in a personalized manner. This helps to keep the needs of every tree in check. Monitoring nutrient levels and hydration make your palm trees less susceptible to SAPW and bed bug attacks.

Our tree care professionals have hands-on experience in treating palm weevils. We give utmost importance to the trees and plants that need immediate care and nurturing. At the same time, we don’t ignore healthy looking trees. Our experts carry out diagnosis and treatment plans in a systematic order. Moreover, the healthcare needs of every palm species is different. So, we offer customized South American Palm Weevil treatment plans in Oceanside.

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