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Ambrosia Beetle is a known tree pest in the California region. The pest is responsible for eating away the health of many trees. It primarily attacks stressed-out trees that are on the verge of dying and decaying. It is a small, cylindrical fungus that creates fungal gardens to get its food from the tree. These fungal gardens extract tree nutrients by penetrating the plant’s xylem tissues. These 2 mm long beetles can be extremely fatal to your tree’s health and life. To save your trees from their infestation, you must take Ambrosia Beetle treatment from an experienced arborist team.

Consider taking the Ambrosia Beetle treatment immediately from Tree Doctor USA. If you see dust frass around the tree base, pencil lead size small holes on the trunk or base of twigs. Beetles don’t attack directly and are hard to spot through the eyes. Instead, they bore into the tree and weaken it until it dies. So treatment is necessary to fight it off.

Our Process Of Ambrosia Beetle Treatment

Tree Health Assessment

We have an expert arborist team to inspect symptoms of Ambrosia Beetle infestation. They prefer using advanced equipment to monitor the condition of tree roots and soil.

Pest Identification

Based on the result of the tree health assessment, we create a detailed report comprising facts about the tree’s condition. The report includes growth factors, type of infestation, and infestation stage.

Severity Examination

Our arborists study the report keenly to understand the severity of the infestation. Then they decide what the tree needs to repel the diverse impacts of Ambrosia Beetle infestation.

Insecticide Selection

We use a tailored approach for Ambrosia Beetle treatment. According to this, we select the right combination of trunk and soil injections, insecticides, and other chemicals to eliminate the infestation.

Infestation Treatment

We have a special team to inject your trees with insecticides and injections. They also cut and trim the affected parts to eliminate the infestation completely.

After Treatment Care

We know only one-time treatment is not enough to sustain the tree against Ambrosia Beetle attacks. So we maintain the tree time and again to keep it safe in the future as well.

Benefits Of Taking Ambrosia Beetle Treatment

  • Ambrosia Beetle treatment reduces the growth of fungi on trees.
  • Taking treatment in the early stage safeguards the tree against the potential damage of Ambrosia Beetle infestation.
  • The treatment can help you save your trees from serious and deadly diseases.
  • It promotes the good health of the xylem and phloem and maintains the internal functioning of the tree well.
  • It boosts the plant’s immunity and resistance power to fight against invasive insects and pests.


Partner With Tree Doctor USA To Fight Ambrosia Beetle Infestation

Ambrosia Beetles target weak and dying trees by creating galleries around and beneath the bark of trees. They lay their eggs in the same area that multiplies into manifolds to attack the tree together. Apart from it, there are very limited methods to control the infestation of these beetles. Thus, you must identify their attack and its symptoms at an early stage. Otherwise, it would be difficult to save the tree from a severe infestation
To avoid the situation from occurring, you can take treatment for ambrosia beetles from Tree Doctor USA. Our arborists will eliminate the actual stress that calls for the beetle attack on the tree. Besides, they inspect the entire tree properly as they know that severe infestation may have multiple entry points.

After the identification, we offer customized, safe, and effective treatment for ambrosia beetles infestation. We prefer applying safe and non-toxic insecticides, sprays and injections. These chemicals support the growth of healthy bacteria and only eliminate invasive pests like Ambrosia Beetle from the tree. Our methods are so effective that they start showing positive results in one application only. You don’t need to take multiple rounds of treatments. For saving your trees, you can partner with Tree Doctor USA any day anytime.