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Gold Spotted Oak Borer was introduced into the United States in the late 1990s. The beetle is known for causing significant damage to Oak trees. Multiple severe attacks of GSOB have led to extensive injury and death of many Oak trees in the Orange County region. That’s why arborists advise taking time to time gold spotted oak borer treatment in Orange County CA.

Adult Gold Spotted Oak Borers have bullet-shaped, golden to greenish yellow spots, and 10 mm long and 2 mm wide bodies. They target drought-stricken trees struggling with lower immunity issues. These insects infest one branch at a time and their larvae feed beneath the bark of red oaks. The attack causes serious harm to the tree stem and bigger branches.

To save the tree against Gold Spotted Oak Borer infestation, Tree Doctor USA is offering tree borer treatment in Orange County. We treat your trees at an early stage and safeguard them from becoming vulnerable to future infestations.

Our Process Of Tree Borer Treatment In Orange County

Tree Health Assessment

Our arborists keenly check the tree to look for signs of Gold Spotted Oak Borer infestation. They examine soil and roots as well by using advanced equipment.

Pest Identification

After finishing the tree health assessment process, we generate a report based on the research. Then our arborists check it properly to identify the pest type and to know how it has affected the tree.

Severity Examination

In the third step of the gold spotted oak borer treatment in Orange County, we identify the severity of the attack. We test the affected area to know what it needs to reverse the damage.

Insecticide Selection

Our arborists research well to select a combination of insecticides, injections, and other chemicals. We prefer using safe and reliable chemicals that reverse the damage without leaving long-term side effects.

Infestation Treatment

Our arborists carefully apply insecticides and other chemicals to the affected area. They target specific areas and avoid touching unaffected parts to keep them away from any harm.

After Treatment Care

With Tree Doctor USA, things don’t end on treatment only. We keep checking your trees to shield them against future infestation and other potential damages.

Benefits Of Taking Tree Borer Treatment

  • Taking tree borer treatment in Orange County reduces the damage left by insect infestation. It saves the tree from further harm while ensuring its future security.
  • It enhances tree growth and contributes to its optimal health.
  • Tree boring insects treatment in Orange County CA completely eliminates gold spotted oak borer from the tree.
  • It also helps in getting rid of the larvae residing under the bark and other hidden areas and prevents the tree from getting attacked in the future.


How Does Tree Doctor USA Save Oak Trees From Oak Borer Beetles?

The gold spotted oak borer insect can cause extensive loss and mortality in oaks in woodlands. Due to the biology of the insect, its early detection is mandatory to save the tree from further harm. Otherwise, after a time, the infestation will reach a point where it could be impossible to save the tree from dying. To avoid this situation, you can take the help of Tree Doctor USA for oak borer beetle treatment in Orange County CA.

For over a decade, we have been offering effective treatments for fixing gold spotted oak borer insect infestation. The treatment is quite tricky as these insects are hard to identify. Novice arborists may fail to identify the infestation let alone treat it. But we have a team who very well understands the life cycle and behavior of oak borer beetles. They can read its symptoms and reverse the damage within a limited timeframe.

We select effective and safe insecticides and chemicals for your trees. Our insecticides not only drive away the infestation but boost tree growth as well. Our team takes care of your property, surroundings, and health as well. While conducting the treatment, we stay careful enough to not harm other things. We leave no damage behind after finishing the process.