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For trees roped in Orange County, Shot Hole Borer Beetle is a matter of concern as the insect targets both healthy and unhealthy trees. It primarily attacks productive trees possessing green assets. They reside under the bark and dig tunnels for better access and to damage the tree. If not treated on time, shot hole borer can severely harm the tree leading it to diseases, death, or decay. Therefore, it is advisable to take shot hole borer treatment in Orange County at the beginning of the infestation.

An effective treatment stops the shot hole borers from producing girdling wounds to weaken the tree. Shot hole borer damages them greatly to an extent that they cannot recover from it. However, taking shot hole borer beetle treatment in Orange County can help you save your trees. Tree Doctor USA is providing treatment for treating PSHB infestation. You can take it to escape the consequences of the attack.

Our Process Of Shot Hole Borer Treatment In Orange County

Tree Health Assessment

Our team members carefully assess the tree to find out the symptoms of shot hole borer infestation. They monitor soil, roots, and hidden parts of the tree as well.

Pest Identification

As per the research result, we make a tree health assessment report. Our arborists go through it to understand the tree structure, requirements, and how the insect infestation has affected it.

Severity Examination

Once we identify the insect type, we move to assess the damage it has done to the tree. We define it through stages and plan our next move accordingly.

Insecticide Selection

Our arborists conduct deep research to choose the right and most effective combination of insecticides, injections, and other chemicals. They use it in an accurate quantity and at the right time as well.

Infestation Treatment

After selecting the right chemicals, we apply them to the affected areas. Our arborists also trim or cut the affected parts to stop them from passing the infestation to other trees.

After Treatment Care

Shot hole borers can attack the tree again as well. That’s why we offer aftercare services to maintain trees in vigorous condition and to keep it away from future infestation.

Benefits Of Taking Shot Hole Borer Treatment

  • It restricts the tree from posing hazards to property and people.
  • Taking Polyphagous shot hole borer treatment in Orange County will ensure the safety of mature and old trees. It will add more years to their lifespan and save them from dying an unexpected death.
  • The treatment protects the productivity of trees like fruits, flowers, leaves, and branches.
  • PSHB treatment in Orange County stops the tree from spreading the infestation to other parts or fellow trees.


How Does Tree Doctor USA Help Trees Fight Against The PSHB Infestation?

In the past, shot hole borer beetles have infested uncountable trees in Orange County. The pest targets weak and mature trees that have lower immunity to fight against it. Apart from it, trees facing poor environmental conditions, drought, wounds, & other unfavorable conditions find it hard to sustain the attack.

To help trees survive the ordeal, Tree Doctor USA is offering PSHB treatment in Orange County. Our treatment not only removes the infestation but also provides an ideal growth environment for trees. Our arborists keenly inspect the areas invaded by PSHB pests to find out and result-giving treatment.

We prefer applying a combination of safe and non-toxic insecticides, injections, and sprays. These chemicals retain the healthy bacteria and only eliminate the infestation. During the process of shot hole borer beetle treatment in Orange County, our arborist stay careful and avoid spillings of chemicals anywhere. They also trim or cut the affected areas to restrict future infestations.

After taking PSHB treatment in Orange County from Tree Doctor USA, other trees can grow well without getting infested. You can trust our arborists with your precious trees and they will take care of them responsibly and sensitively.