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South American Palm Weevil is a known and dangerous tree insect that mostly attacks palm trees. A few years ago, it hovered over the trees roped in California USA. Since then, the pest has become a matter of concern for many cities in California including San Diego, River County, Orange County, etc. Once infested, the growth of SAPW insects multiplies into manifolds on the tree. A single palm tree can hold up to 1000 weevils. The count can be extremely fatal for palm trees. Therefore, expert arborists suggest taking South American Palm Weevil treatment in Orange County CA.

It is an innovative treatment that holds back SAPW from attacking lavish and grand palm trees like the Canary Island Date Palm. With little effort, you can save your trees from life-threatening pest infestation. Tree Doctor USA is offering treatments for Weevil pest control in Orange County CA. You can try it to avoid the diverse effects of the attack.

Our Process Of South American Palm Weevil Treatment In Orange County

Tree Health Assessment

Our arborists properly inspect the tree to identify symptoms of South American Palm Weevil. They are aware of its appearance & life cycle. So they hardly take any time for the identification.

Pest Identification

In the second step of the treatment, we generate a tree health assessment report stating the result of the assessment. Our arborists analyze the report to understand the extent of the infestation.

Severity Examination

We proceed further after confirming the South American Palm Weevil presence on the tree. We check the affected area multiple times to understand the stages of infestation.

Insecticide Selection

Our tree doctors select the most appropriate and successful treatment for palm weevils in Orange County CA. They choose chemicals and insecticides based on the stage of infestation.

Infestation Treatment

We apply insecticides in the right quantity and at the correct time. We know the best practices to drive the South American Palm Weevil infestation away from the tree.

After Treatment Care

There are chances that South American Palm Weevils may attack the tree again. In our after-treatment care services, we keep the tree maintained to prevent future infestation.

Benefits Of Taking South American Palm Weevil Treatment

  • South American Palm Weevil treatment in Orange County minimizes the harmful effects left by insect infestation.
  • It promotes better health and creates an optimal ecosystem for trees and people living in the area as well.
  • It is important to get rid of SAPW insects in order to save the tree from dying. The treatment serves the purpose well and successfully safeguards your tree from future infestation as well.
  • The treatment boosts the productivity of the tree and helps it in growing well.


How Our Professionals Can Help You In Eliminating SAPW?

A few years ago, the infestation of South American Palm Weevils attacked trees roped in the California region. Over time, the pest multiplied its growth and reached up to 35 different types of host plants. After this stage, treatment for Palm Weevil in Orange County became essential to save trees from pest infestation.

Due to the requirement and urgency, Tree Doctor USA has been providing treatments for Weevil pest control in Orange County. We offer assistance to help tree owners maintain their trees well and secure against pest. Over the years, our arborists have developed innovative treatments that drive away the infestation with little efforts only. They have experience in selecting correct combinations of insecticides that not only eliminate infestation but boost tree growth as well.

Apart from it, they know the systematic methods and right time for applying insecticides, chemicals, trunk and soil injections etc. Our pratices are effective enough to retain your tree’s green assets, vigor and health. We make our moves carefully as we value them and aim to look after their well being. You can take our services to saving your beloved trees. Our arborists would be delighted to lend you a helping hand.