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Orange County has long winters and short summer months. Throughout the year, the climate stays cold and dry making the trees vulnerable to insect and pest attacks. The attack could lead to tree death if left untreated inside the tree. Therefore, tree pest control in Orange County should be a part of regular tree healthcare.

Specialist arborists at Tree Doctor USA can save your trees from insect and pest attacks. Our arborists know how to deal with pest infestation. They can curb the spread of harmful pests & insects like Shot Hole Borers, Caterpillars, Scales, Ambrosia Beetles, Spider Mites, etc.

To achieve ideal tree health, our experts use effective insecticides for plants in Orange County. They have a keen eye for identifying the source of the infestation and finding an effective cure for it. Let us tell you more about insect and pest infestation and its treatment.

Types of Insect & Pest Control Treatments

Shot Hole Borer

Shot Hole Borer Treatment

Shot Hole Borer fungal spores attack, infect, and affect the entire tree. We send a team for pest control in Orange County CA that uses organic insecticides, and trunk injections to control the spread.


Caterpillar Control Treatment

Caterpillars can do great damage to your plants and trees. They especially target young trees for eating their leaves. Our team uses impactful methods to prevent the spread and destroy caterpillars.


Scales Treatment

Scales are hard to identify but once they grow, they never move away from tree leaves. Our team identifies and eliminates all species of Scales by using oil-based sprays and other materials.

Ambrosia Beetle

Ambrosia Beetle Treatment

Ambrosia Beetle is powerful enough to destroy the whole tree. Our arborists identify damaged barks and cut them off the tree. They use spray treatment, insecticide, injection, and pest control methods.


SAPW Treatment

South American Palm Weevil pest count multiplies into manifolds and spread rapidly. To control the curb, our team for pest control in Orange County injects insecticides and injections to drive them away.

Spider Mites

Spider Mites Treatment

Similar to cobwebs, Spider Mites grow in Conifer species and plants. Our arborists prefer safe insecticides and injections to stop their growth in their ideal plants.

Benefits of Taking Pest Control Services in Orange County

  • Pest control in Orange County naturally promotes tree growth.
  • It keeps the tree healthy and allows it to absorb essential nutrients.
  • Pest control saves the other branches and trees from harboring the infestation.
  • It restricts the tree’s respiratory system from releasing harmful gases ensuring optimum air quality.
  • Taking pest control services in Orange County will aid in the production of flowers, fruits, and other tree leftovers.
  • It maximizes the age of mature trees that are at risk of decaying or dying.


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How Does Tree Doctor USA Shield Your Trees Against Pests & Insects?

Insects and pests attack the tree and restrict its growth and productivity. They gulp the sap, devour tree leaves, and weaken its trunk, branches, and roots. The infestation leads the tree to sickness, disease, death, or decay. Tree Doctor USA works as a protector to shield plants and trees against pests and insects attack and infestation. We are known for providing Tree Insect Control services.

Most of the time tree owners fail to notice their presence and assume it to be a tree disease or weather effect. The wrong assumption leads to incorrect treatment and futile results. Our team is experienced enough to identify the presence of pests and insects and then provide effective treatment. Our arborists have a keen eye for recognizing the type of pest or insect. They use their expertise and suggest accurate treatment accordingly.

We use powerful but safe insecticides, injections, oils, and other chemicals to either remove or restrict the spread of pests and insects. We apply non-toxic elements that don’t harm the tree leaves, branches, roots, and other parts. Instead, they promote tree growth, health, production, and well-being.

To save your tree from infestation, you can reach out to our team to take pest control services in Orange County.

Drive invasive pests away by taking powerful pest control treatment in Orange County. Call us now!