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San Clemente experiences frequent weather changes and extreme seasonal variations throughout the year. The change makes trees living in the area vulnerable to invasive pests and insect infestation. Their attack is strong enough to lead the tree towards diseases, decay, or death. That’s why it is necessary to take help from professional arborists for pest control in San Clemente. They can protect your trees against invasive pests and insect attacks.

Tree Doctor USA is an expert at giving efficacious treatments for pest control in San Clemente CA. We inspect the presence of pests and insects on the whole tree including leaves, branches, stems, and bark. After the cautious assessment, we prescribe the treatment and leverage its negative effects. Instead, it helps the tree grow well and stay green. Our team is known for serving tree owners responsibly.

Types of Insect & Pest Control Treatments

Shot Hole Borer Treatment

Shot Hole Borer is a type of exotic Ambrosia Beetle that carries a symbiotic fungus in a part of her mouth. We eliminate the effect of this fungus with the help of insecticides, soil surfactant, and injections.

Caterpillar Control Treatment

Caterpillars harm production by eating leaves and other parts. In the process of pest control in San Clemente, we choose the correct method to abolish caterpillars without harming leaves or other parts.

Scales Treatment

Scales are hard to remove if they latch on the tree foliage permanently. For the treatment, we prefer neem oil for mild infestation and insecticidal soap for serious pest control.

White Fly Treatment

Whiteflies attack both indoor and outdoor plants as they have the ability to suck the tree juice. Our arborists take essential samples and choose customized solutions based on the severity of the infestation.

Gypsy Moths Treatment

Gypsy Moths cause the loss of leave which indirectly affects the tree’s health. We offer tailored treatment for pest control in San Clemente for moths while using safe insecticides, injections, and chemicals.

Spider Mites Treatment

Spider Mites harm the tree by piercing leaked tissues. Tree Doctor USA uses appropriate, safe, and non-toxic treatments to remove these insects from your trees.

Advantages of Requesting for Pest Control in San Clemente

  • Pest control in San Clemente saves the infected trees from dying.
  • It protects other trees from getting infected by pests and insects.
  • It will enhance their ability to produce leaves, fruits, and flowers.
  • Pest control in San Clemente will stop the tree from releasing harmful into the environment.
  • Early identification and treatment will prevent the tree from future damage.
  • It promotes optimum tree growth and health.


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How Our Expert Arborists Protect Your Trees?

Pest or insect infestation can devastate your beloved trees. Many of them form colonies and stay stuck to the tree leaves or other parts until they destroy the tree. They often lead the infected tree to diseases and other health hazards. For ensuring the good health of your trees, you must keep them away from pest and insect infestation.

Tree Doctor USA is the perfect helping hand in keeping your trees far away from pest and insect infestation. We are a team of expert arborists who have experience in identifying pest types and attack symptoms. We offer effective treatments and tree pest control services to support you deal with invasive pests and insects.

Our treatments are carefully crafted based on the tree and pest attack types and requirements. We use safe, non-toxic, and reliant insecticides, injections and sprays, and other chemicals to remove invasive pests. The used chemicals don’t harm the good bacteria responsible for healthy growth.

While conducting the process of pest control in San Clemente, our arborists ensure your and your family’s wellbeing. You can trust our team they are responsible enough to finish the treatment effectively.

Reach out to Tree Doctor USA’s expert team to schedule your appointment for insect and pest control services in San Clemente.