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Coming from buprestid beetle lineage, the Gold spotted Oak Borer (GSOB) is native to Southeastern Arizona oak forests. Ever since Goldspotted Oak Borer’s invasion in San Diego, the mortality rate of Oak trees has risen significantly. GSOB caused oak mortality harms private as well as public land. However, the major impact of infestation is the monetary cost. Widespread loss of oak trees has caused detrimental impacts on the natural landscape. Besides that, biodiversity of this area is also affected adversely.

Female lays eggs in cracks as well as crevices and the adult GSOB feeds on Oak foliage. Beneath the bark, you can observe the larvae or pupae. There are a few symptoms that can determine Gold spotted Oak Borer infestation in Oak Tree, such as crown thinning, bark staining, D-shaped emergence holes, and bark injury. But identifying infested oak trees accurately is very important as it will increase the possibilities of stopping or slowing the imminent spread. Tree Doctor arborists are experts and have extensive experience in Oak Borer Beetle Treatment in San Diego.

Tree Doctor USA GSOB programs are based on our research findings and techniques, which primarily focus on controlling its spread and eventually eliminating its existence on your property. If needed then we also administer systemic insecticide into soil and trunk injection. However, it may create additional problems if insecticide treatment is not administered accurately. But Tree Doctor arborists are well trained in managing Gold spotted Oak Borer infestation.

Stepwise Treatment For GSOB Infestation

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In the initial stage, GSOB signs are not obvious. Therefore, we examine all injury symptoms and remove infested bark to confirm the Gold spotted Oak Borer infestation.

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Based on the infestation we customize our management plans. These plans consist of controlling infection spread and protecting healthy trees.

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Soil Treatment

To kill insects feeding within the wood, we apply insecticide in the soil to control Gold spotted Oak Borer infestation. We also provide needed minerals that can act against pests.

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Systemic Insecticide

To the major stem as well as larger branches, we apply insecticide to control the infestation. We re-applied the insecticide under expert observation on a yearly basis.

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Treatment Efficacy

Tree Doctor USA assesses the treatment efficacy; and depending upon the result, we form further strategies to make Oak trees free from GSOB infestation.

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Post Treatment Care

We ensure that Oak trees remain healthy after treatment as we periodically monitor your tree and apply needed treatment to prevent GSOB infestation in the future.

Benefits Of GSOB Treatment

  • Crown dieback can be prevented effectively with our GSOB treatment.
  • Post-treatment, oak trees become immune against GSOB infestation.
  • Tree Doctor USAs’ treatment makes oak trees resistant against every type of pest or insect infestation.
  • Our treatment for Gold spotted Oak Borer decreases the tree mortality rate.
  • Wounds on oak trees start healing after applying systemic insecticide.
  • Oak trees with crown thinning will start to appear normal as before.
  • Our customized management programs also supply the required nutrients and minerals to the tree, which increases their immunity against invasive pests.


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Professional Assistance To Protect Your Trees From GSOB

This type of infestation should genuinely be confirmed before launching the treatment plan because symptoms of Goldspotted Oak Borer may not be evident in earlier stages of injury. Yet D-shaped emergence holes are an ultimate indication of GSOB infestation. Adult trees or oak trees with more than 18 inches of diameter are at high risk of getting infected by Gold spotted Oak Borer and ultimately die if treatment is not provided within the initial stage of infestation. Upon finding above mentioned symptoms, call Tree Doctor USA for Oak Tree Borer treatment in San Diego County and nearby areas.

Widespread GSOB infestation may create severe implications on the environment as well as human safety; therefore, landowners with high value of oak trees near the GSOB infected area should call us and ask for immediate help to prevent the infestation from spreading. Tree Doctor USA’s dedicated plan can easily identify and map the susceptible trees because we monitor each tree accurately.

The Tree Doctor USA team works collectively to secure your property from the invasive pest. Our treatment plan not only cures the GSOB infestation but also prevents different kinds of infestation. Our wide range of services for tree and plant health care is efficient enough to tackle all your concerns.

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