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The weevils residing on ornamental, native, and date palms in San Diego have the ability to make the tree dead. The damage to the tree is caused by the weevils in their laravel stage. But it is not easy to detect the early signs of palm weevil infestation unless you have expert arborists to serve the healthcare needs of your palm trees.

The laravel of South American Palm Weevil (SAPW) creates small holes in the tree. This affects your palm tree species so severely that palm trees can decline or die within six months. With so many palm trees in San Diego, the risk of SAPW infestation is not uncommon to homeowners and commercial landscape owners in San Diego.

To protect palm trees and control the infestation of the palm bugs and pests in San Diego, we offer comprehensive treatment. Call our palm tree healthcare specialists for South American Palm Weevil Treatment in San Diego.

How Do We Control South American Palm Weevil Damages In San Diego?

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Identify Infested Areas

We find the area where palm weevils have hatched their eggs to pause their growth. Also, we search the adult weevils in the palm trees to stop them from laying eggs.

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Tree Injections

To cure palm trees from weevil, we will inject nutrients and medicines in the tree trunk to prevent the growth and spread of laravel.

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Trapping Adults weevils

Here the female adult weevils are trapped in a container filled with insecticide blended with pheromones. This attracts them and as they get in the container, insecticide kills them.

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Insecticides & Pesticides

To mitigate palm weevil completely, our palm pest and bed bug exterminator in San Diego spray insecticides and pesticides in appropriate proportions. This will suspend SAPW from feeding on the crown and trunk.

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Soil Quality Improvement

Improving the soil quality and avoidance of excessive moisture along with soil injection will boost palm tree resistance to infestations.

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Guarding Future Pest Attack

Protect your palm trees from future attacks of bugs, pests, insects, and diseases with our palm tree pests and diseases Treatment in San Diego. We will ensure your palm trees have all the strength to fight with them in future

Added Advantages Of Palm Tree Bugs Treatment in San Diego

Time saver and cost-effective South American Palm Weevil treatment by our experts in San Diego

  • We know how to exterminate the bugs, pests, insects, and diseases even if they are concealed inside the trunk or soil, so you won’t have to worry about complex palm weevil removal in San Diego.
  • To safeguard palm tree health, we use non-toxic pesticides and insecticides, which sustain the fertility of the soil.
  • After assessing the root cause of palm weevil infection, we minimize its impact on neighboring healthy trees.
  • Long-term safety and protection from SAPW are ensured after our comprehensive palm tree pests and diseases treatment in San Diego.


Tree health inspection by Arborist

How Do Our Professional Palm Weevil Exterminators Work?

This pest that thrives in the San Diego landscape causes many damages to tree health and even leads to the decline or death of palm trees. The infestation of palm weevil is very fast, and at the same time, dead palms are tough to remove and take a long time. Routine tree care is your best hope for discovering and controlling palm weevils and diseases as they manifest.

So, if you suspect the infestation on the crown or see brown-drooping fronds, notched, clipped, and widowed leaflets, call professional palm weevil exterminators in San Diego before they damage all palm species in your landscape irreversibly. Our tree doctors in San Diego inspect, diagnose, and stop the spread of palm weevils by using non-toxic and long-lasting treatment solutions. The intensity of palm weevil infestation is also checked, so we can offer optimum treatment.

Our palm tree pests and diseases treatment in San Diego includes spraying of insecticides and pesticides, trunk and soil injection, and other tailored treatments. Though we are quick to offer treatment to highly vulnerable and sick trees, we don’t ignore trees that seem healthy and vibrant. We also offer care, nourishment, and preservation treatment to safeguard palm trees from such infestation in the future.

Safeguard your ornamental, native, and date palms from South American Palm Weevil infestation; Contact us today on (760) 285-0099 for Get Efficacious Palm Tree Pests and Diseases Treatment in San Diego!