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Trees and plants in San Diego’s landscape are constantly under the threat of many insects and pests infestation. When they are left untreated, the infestation will damage the tree’s health and even result in death and decline. So, you need to consult tree healthcare services in San Diego to control insect and pest growth. Our tree doctors can control all common and uncommon tree insects and pests in San Diego.

There is a massive influx of certain tree insects and pests in San Diego. Shot Hole Borers, Caterpillars, Scales, Ambrosia Beetles, South American Palm Weevil, Spider Mites, and more are deteriorating the health of stressed and under or over watered trees. From stippling or discolored leaves and trunk to wilted or dry branches, distorting shoot and bud growth, these insect and pest infestations are capable of making your trees unhealthy and unattractive.

At Tree Doctor USA, the team of insect and pest control specialists in San Diego is well-experienced in identifying the different species of insects and pests. Moreover, we accurately locate the cause of their development and offer optimum treatment. Let’s have quick insights into our discrete insect and pest control treatment in San Diego.

Wide Array Of Tree Insect & Pest Control Services In San Diego

Shot Hole Borer Treatment

Identify damage and intensity of shot hole borer on your trees. We spray tree insecticides and offer trunk injection to control shot hole borer infestation as well as retain tree health.

Caterpillar Control Treatment

Control the spread of caterpillars efficiently and monitor the plant condition and possible impacts on neighboring trees. The Optimum solution is offered to remove all caterpillars in your landscape.

Scales Treatment

Though scales are capable of self-defense, we remove deadly scales while protecting your health and environment. We treat all species of Scales efficiently.

Ambrosia Beetle Treatment

Control the number of Ambrosia Beetles and inspect their colonization on new trees. Spray treatment, insecticide, injection, and proper pest control services in San Diego.

SAPW Treatment

Protect your palm trees from South American Palm Weevil infestation. We will also shield all palm species in your yard from getting affected by it again.

Spider Mites Treatment

Conifer species and plants are their ideal place to thrive. To control spider mite infestation in your garden or commercial landscape, we offer eco-friendly insecticides and trunk injections.

What Fruits Will You Bear With Our Tree Care Service In San Diego?

  • Enhance the age and growth of old and matured trees by protecting them from tree insect and pest infestation.
  • Prevent young plants from all common and uncommon diseases and infections.
  • Get all-round tree care services in San Diego from expert arborists.
  • Increase soil quality with appropriate treatment and nurturing, and keep your roots strong as well as hydrated.
  • Accurately identify beneficial and harmful insects and eradicate only the dangerous ones.
  • Maintain optimum tree healthcare conditions after mitigation of unwelcome critters, pests, termites, and insects.
  • Avail customized solutions for all kinds of tree insect and pest species and unique healthcare needs.


Eliminate All Harmful Insect With Tailored Pest & Insect Control Treatment In San Diego

Insects and pests attack can hamper the health of Pine, Oak, Palm, Citrus, Ornamental, Fruit-bearing, and other native trees. They eat away leaves, suck the sap, weaken the branches and trunk, thus preventing the healthy growth of the trees. So, you need to rely on professional tree care services in San Diego to restore your trees to their original lush state.

Our tree insect and pest controllers in San Diego are well-equipped to find out the hidden pest and insect infestation inside the trunk or under the soil. We will inspect stressed and damaged trees and plants to locate the real cause of infestation. Shot Hole Borers, Caterpillars, Scales, Ambrosia Beetles, South American Palm Weevil, Spider Mites, and more thrive and feed on the trees. So, your plants and trees may show symptoms such as wilting leaves, discoloration of leaves, branches, and trunk, early dropping leaves, honeydew, stippling of leaves, etc.

However, the damage caused to trees and plants will help identify insects and pests responsible for the tree health issues. Our experienced get to the roots for inspecting your trees and get the signs of insect, bug, and pest infestation, which often go unnoticed to inexperienced eyes. We offer accurate treatment to mitigate dangerous and complex infestations. Soil and trunk injections are also offered to have systematic control on the growth of insects and pests. Non-toxic insecticides and pesticides are applied to the roots, so there is no harm to the trees or environment.

The heads and fronds are sprayed with insect and pest repellants as well as preferred medicines to eliminate the insects and their larvae. We also prevent the transmission of these insects and pests to healthy trees. Prevent the spread of infestation and eliminate all bugs, insects, and pests thriving on your trees with our tailored insect and pest control treatment in San Diego.

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