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About Santee Landscaping Trees & Plants

The Santee landscape is famous for its dense scrub vegetation like different oak species, cottonwood, elderberry, and lemonade berry shrubs. The perfect Mediterranean climatic spread, suitable for growing high-yielding trees. The arid, short summers and cool, long and cloudy winters make it a perfect match for growing low-maintenance trees.

The weather in the Santee landscape ranges from 43 degrees to 85 degrees. It sounds like classic weather for growing trees. However, diseases and damages are quite prevalent in dense vegetation. Common issues that are encountered are discolored leaves, poor soil nutrients, falling branches, dried edges, and rotten plant parts. Hence, proper maintenance and treatment are crucial for growing healthy trees in this landscape.

Tree Healthcare Problems In Santee

Trees of the Santee landscape can be prone to several damaging factors. Common amongst them are poor soil quality, inadequate mineral capacity, rodents, pests, insects and their accompanying infections and diseases, wind, water, and even internal factors. A combination of any of these factors can seriously inhibit the growth of high-yielding trees. Therefore, expert consultation is necessary. Aerating the Santee landscape, pest control, treating diseases in the early stages can promote healthy growth.

The professional tree service first carry out diagnosis and assessment of the diseases upon consultation. This is followed by customized treatment plans to encounter the diseases and prevent them from spreading further. Frequent follow-ups may also take place depending on the tree needs.

Trees Prone To Infection & Stress In Santee

  • Lemonade Berry
  • Ficus Tree
  • Liquid Amber Tree
  • Palms
  • Oak Tree
  • Eucalyptus
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