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There are numerous benefits of healthy trees, but at times tree removal may seem the best option. Trees are sometimes exposed to environmental factors such as pest infestation, disease, and storms, which pose a significant threat to your home and surroundings. We realize that some trees are beyond recovery, and tree removal in Westminster becomes essential. So, under such circumstances, our crew will be out to your location and remove the tree.

At Tree Doctor, our professionals facilitate detailed assessments to determine the primary cause of the damage so we can revive its health if possible. If the tree shows no signs of revival, we remove your trees safely. We combine modern equipment and our vast experience in tree removal in Westminster, CA, as it enables us to provide comprehensive services. We work quickly and restore your property to a safe state as soon as possible irrespective of job type.

Our Tree Doctor experts take all precautions and avoid potential accidents while removing trees. Before moving ahead with the tree removal, we take all necessary permission. Our certified experts work with you to safely and efficiently remove the tree with the latest equipment. We provide continuing education for all our experts at every location and ensure that we always remain current with best practices, laws, rules, and regulations.

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Tree Inspection

At first, see which way the tree leans, as it helps us to design the further approach and determine the direction it should fall. If the tree is decayed, it could fall anywhere easily.

Clear The Area

We estimate the height of a tree and clear the surrounding area for branches to lay flat on the ground. We create enough room around trees for safety purposes.

Escape Route

We create an escape route for more safety if the tree starts to fall in another direction. We clear the nearby areas and make obstacle-free ways to escape.

Proper Equipment

We gather all the needed equipment depending on the size of a tree. A larger tree with more than a foot in diameter may require a chainsaw, and a smaller tree needs a handsaw.

Undercut & Backcut

At the bottom, we cut a quarter of a tree’s diameter in a V shape at 45 degrees. Afterward, we cut two inches above the undercut on the opposite side, releasing tree trunk stress.

Tree Disposition

Once the tree is on the ground, we segregate the compostable twigs, limbs, and other materials. We dispose of the decayed parts properly to prevent infestation.

Advantages of Tree Removal In Westminster, CA

  • Removing the dying or dead trees prevents further damage to your property.
  • Tree stump removal in Westminster prevents tree regrowth and significantly increases property value.
  • Removing decayed or dying trees provide a better window view and improves the residence’s appearance.
  • Tree removal service in Westminster helps you free up property space, improve quality of life, and add value to your property.
  • It keeps your landscape free from deadly pest and disease infestation.


How Tree Doctor’s Professional Can Help With Tree Removal?

Tree stump removal in Westminster is a sensitive and challenging process; therefore, it should be left to Tree Doctor professionals. We have helped hundreds of families and business owners in removing their trees. Because trees are strong and deep-rooted, removing them from your yard definitely needs experts like us. We divide the tree removal process into several steps and carry out the tree removal process with our advanced equipment.

Tree doctor is a fully licensed and insured tree removal company that removes your trees that are decaying or dangerous to nearby areas. We have a fleet of specialized equipment to remove trees safely. Tree Doctors’ ISA-certified arborists work with you to safely remove your trees. As many tree removals are complex, and even minor mistakes cost a lot. Tree stump removal in Westminster remains unique for each tree depending on its condition and access to the site.

At Tree Doctor, we offer the best stump removal services in Westminster while safeguarding your property and the health of your other trees. We care about our customers and provide tree removal services that are attainable by all. For all unique needs, we offer an effective solution. Tree Doctor is a nationally recommended company that helps us to provide comprehensive services across Westminster and nearby areas according to clients’ needs.

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