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Gophers are an issue for both residential homes and agricultural properties. Gophers can easily find the best plant to eat and burrow underneath. If you suspect gopher infestation, then don’t panic. Tree Doctor USA has got your back, our professionals are experts in gopher control in Los Angeles.

They are the primary reason for soil erosion, as their tunnels divert irrigation water. They can easily gnaw through and damage your plastic pipes, even your lawn sprinkler system. Gophers also pose serious health concerns for your family, like rabies and monkeypox. Whenever you notice even a single gopher, always have a professional for gopher removal in Los Angeles.

Our professionals are certified and provide the best solution. With proven techniques and modern equipment, we get the job done right the first time. Call Tree Doctor professional. We offer quick and efficient services for gopher removal in Los Angeles.

How Does Our Professional Manage Gopher Control In Los Angeles?


We look for the potential entry point and thoroughly check other signs of gophers and determine the infestation rate. The most common signs of gopher infestations are holes or dirt mounds.


We thoroughly assess your property and look for particular signs that attract gophers. We correctly identify the gopher infestation and treat them using a precise and targeted application.

Preventative Measures

Gophers reproduce quickly; therefore, with quick actions like exclusion, fumigants, and trapping. Quick actions are necessary as they also spread deadly diseases to your family.


Our treatment methods consist of trapping, fumigation, and rodenticides. Based on the vulnerabilities, we recommend the best-fit solution for gopher control in Los Angeles and give you quick results.


Gophers can come back to your property from surrounding areas, so we keep an eye on your property and look for gophers activity. Weekly or bi-weekly we visit your property for monitoring.


We advise property owners to keep gopher infestation chances at bay by decreasing the watering schedule, thinning dense foliage, mowing tall grass, and looking for potential signs of gophers.

Benefits of Gopher Control Treatment In Los Angeles.

  • It keeps your family safe from deadly diseases like rabies and monkeypox.
  • Their professionals are certified and know what steps are accurate for gopher removal in Los Angeles.
  • With ongoing treatment, they keep your landscape safe from gophers and other rodents too.
  • Professionals work with modern tools and proven techniques.
  • Targeted traps help to minimize the damage.
  • Saves your time as you do not have experience and tools.


gopher control in Los Angeles

How Does Our Professional Protect Your Landscape From Gophers?

If you suspect gopher infestation and fail to recognize their presence or delay seeking professional help, then it may cost a lot. Proper identification is always vital before starting with your home remedies like fumigation or trapping. It may cause severe side effects to your plants, trees, and garden. Therefore, seeking assistance from the Tree Doctor profession for Gopher control in Los Angeles is essential.

Tree Doctor offers various gopher control solutions that are quick, efficient, and reliable. Mostly our gopher treatment methods include trapping, exclusion, and rodenticides. We choose the best solution according to the infestation rate, particular signs like dirt mounds, tunnels, eaten vegetables or plants, etc. Our professionals work quickly as gophers pose a serious threat to your trees and property.

Tree Doctors work with experienced and certified professionals who have successfully tackled such issues. We have a long list of satisfied clients across Los Angeles. You can avail of a free consultation with Tree Doctor, just give us a call, and our representatives are ready to assist you.

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