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Gopher Control Service

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Experts Ways To Get Rid Of Gophers Permanently

Many homeowners keep facing the challenge of eliminating gophers to preserve the beauty of their gardens. Gophers, known for their digging and root-feeding behavior, are part of the rodent family, which disrupts the aesthetic of the place by tunneling underground. Many people face the issue of gophers damaging their lawns and gardens. From poison baits to fumigation and natural predation, many permanent solutions of Gopher Control in San Diego are available to get rid of gophers. This article has all the details to address the problem effectively. Read more to find out.


Let Us Begin With Understanding How Gophers Disrupt The Beauty Of A Plant.

Gophers mainly feed on plant roots, bulbs, and tubers through burrowing. They create extensive tunnel complexes that stretch for several feet underground. These tunnels are divided into chambers designated for nesting, storing food, and waste disposal. These tunnel networks serve as the gopher’s home base, from which they venture out to feed on nearby vegetation.

The following section suggests the best solutions for keeping gophers at bay. Here are expert-recommended methods to effectively eliminate gophers from your property:

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Start with Identifying Gopher Damage:

Familiarize yourself with the signs of gopher activity. Recognizing these signs can effectively control their attack. 

Look for these typical indicators of the presence of a gopher:

  • Once or twice during the day, you may spot a gopher above ground. These hours are either early morning or late evening.
  • Small, round openings, around 2-3 inches in diameter in the ground, indicate the presence of underground tunnels created by them.
  • Visible damage to plants can be seen through damaged vegetation, such as wilted or dying plants.
  • Gophers push soil to the surface as they excavate their tunnels, resulting in distinct mounds of dirt in the yard or garden.
  • Gopher tunnels often have visible entrances, typically surrounded by a cleared area of soil.
  • Gnaw marks (strong teeth marks) on wood or plastic that gophers chew on can be seen.

With these signs in mind, let’s explore expert-recommended methods to eliminate gophers permanently.


Top Tips to Get Rid of Gophers Permanently


1. Trapping:

  • Trapping is a very effective method that works as a permanent solution for Gopher Control in San Diego. Start by locating fresh mounds and openings. Get a suitable gopher trap as per the requirement, such as a box-shaped trap, pincher trap, or choker-style trap.
  • The setting of the trap is also important. Set the traps at tunnel entrances or in main runways so that they stay secure. Add baits such as fresh vegetables, grains, or peanut butter to lure the rodent.
  • With these steps, keep an eye on the trap. Inspect them daily and reset them when required. 
  • As you capture them, handle them humanely for euthanizing, or release them in a suitable location away from the property.
  • Monitor signs of their activity, and continue trapping until activity decreases.

2. Poison Baits:

  • The use of poison baits is another effective control method for gophers. However, this should be executed very carefully so that children, pets, and other animals are not harmed.
  • Many baits that specifically work for gophers are available. Zinc Phosphide baits release toxic phosphine gas when ingested, causing death within hours. 
  • Label instructions must be carefully read and followed. The caution of placing baits in gopher tunnels and sealing openings to prevent access by other animals could be followed. 
  • Regular monitoring is essential to assess bait effectiveness and prevent unintended consequences. Also, check local guidelines and related regulations to conform to the legal and responsible use of poison baits.

3. Fumigation:

  • Fumigation is another common method for Gopher Control in San Diego that works by releasing toxic gasses into the caves created by the gophers. Such fumigants include Aluminum phosphide and gas cartridges that introduce carbon monoxide, which kills the gophers within a few hours. 
  • Careful application is required to eliminate gophers from the area effectively. The execution of this process involves blocking the tunnel openings and then releasing gas into the caves. 
  • During this step, proper sealing is essential to prevent gas leakage and its exposure to non-target animals and birds. For more precision and effectiveness, consult a pest control professional to learn the process in-depth and some other tips to apply the fumigant.

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4. Exclusion Barriers:

  • Making exclusion barriers creates physical barriers to prevent the entry and access of gophers to gardens and lawns. Wire mesh and underground fencing are commonly used materials covering the perimeter of the protected area.
  • Exclusion barriers are an example of an environment-friendly method of controlling gophers, as these do not use chemicals or traps. An impenetrable barrier keeps the rodents out of the protected area and offers a long-term solution to gopher damage. 
  • A proper installation is still required, which would require an expert professional for the installation of the barrier. Such fencing also requires regular maintenance to stay intact and functional. 
  • Using exclusion barriers in combination with trapping or baiting makes it a comprehensive approach to Gopher Control in San Diego.

5. Natural Predators:

  • Natural predators are perfect for protecting your property from gophers. These predators that keep a check on the gopher populations are: Owls, Hawk, Snakes, Domesticated cats
  • Providing perches and hiding spots in your garden will be an inviting feature for predators, due to which gophers’ entry can be prevented. 
  • Such an environment has to be maintained. Providing food, water, and shelter resources consistently will create a welcoming habitat for gopher predators.
  • This method takes more time as natural predators need to establish themselves in the area for their impact.
  • This method may not eliminate the problem, yet it can be combined with other control methods for an effective solution. 


The burrowing activity of gophers has left many San Diego homeowners helpless due to the damage to their lawns and gardens. Gopher invasion disrupts our lawns and frustration in our minds. Only the right strategies and their proper execution can help tackle this problem. Methods such as trapping, baiting, fumigation, exclusion barriers, or natural predator encouragement are the most commonly adopted approaches for Gopher Control in San Diego. Following expert advice and consistent vigilance are essential for staying updated with the relevant knowledge for controlling gophers and safeguarding your property.

Gopher Control Service

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