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Gophers are one of the most common problems in Riverside. You can tell about their presence by noticing small dirt mounds around your property. Most gophers stay underground, and at night they primarily stay out, damaging your plant and landscape, which is why residents should hire professionals for gopher control in Riverside.

Tree Doctor is the best source for gopher removal in Riverside. We facilitate one-time and ongoing gopher removal services. We utilize some of the best techniques available in the industry. Following the successful techniques for gopher control, we recommend ongoing gopher control service to prevent re-infestation.

Call us for free inspection anywhere in Riverside or nearby areas. We are a fully insured and licensed company for gopher control in Riverside. Due to our exceptional services and quick response, we have a long list of satisfied residential and commercial clients with a high referral rate.

How Do we manage Gopher Control in Riverside?


Our professionals inspect your property and identify the potential entry point and harborage zones where they thrive. It helps us to determine the size of the problem and further course of action.

Preventative Actions

After identifying the vulnerabilities, we take necessary steps to address gopher infestations with preventative actions like exclusion. It eliminates the food and water sources and avails more time for other treatments.


We identify why gophers are on your property. Is there food or something else? How are they finding a way in? From neighboring properties? These answers determine the best course of action.

Treatment Selection

If gopher infestation is normal, we utilize non-chemical methods like exclusion and trapping. We use rodenticide in the least volatile formulations in targeted areas only if the infestation is severe.


We constantly monitor your property for gophers activity to protect against infestation and help eliminate existing issues. Our professionals visit your site weekly or bi-weekly.


We document each activity to map the effectiveness of our techniques. Documentation includes gophers activity report, treatment report, trap layout maps, pesticide usage, corrective action report, etc.

Benefits Of Hiring a Tree Doctor Professional For Gopher Removal In Riverside:

  • Professional survey your property and give precise report on infestation rate.
  • A thorough inspection helps to determine the precise treatment.
  • Gopher control in Riverside helps to keep your landscape safe.
  • Bait stations at a strategic location help to catch the gophers easily.
  • Your property’s value remains intact, as we help you keep your property rodent-free.
  • Gopher removal in Riverside is a efficient treatment that keeps the gopher away for a longer time.


How Does Our Professional Protects Your Landscape From Gopher?

We understand that every gopher problem is unique; therefore, our professional for gopher control in Riverside facilitates customized treatment to your specific needs. Some properties have just one or a few pesky gophers eating vegetables and plants. Some have bigger problems consisting of several tunnel systems. Our professionals inspect your property and find the best solution.

Gophers invade gardens and yards and feed on ornamental plants, shrubs, trees, crops, etc. Gophers are very active and gopher families are territorial. They can significantly damage your property in a short time. They can damage plastic water lines too. So, if you suspect gopher infestation, do not hesitate. Call us as soon as possible we are fully equipped to deal with gopher infestation in Riverside.

Our gopher exterminator in Riverside can successfully trap, removes, and controls gophers infestation with proven techniques. We have years of experience eradicating these burrowing critters from your properties. It is essential to detect gopher infestation sooner, so we can incorporate control measures in better ways. If you are a Riverside resident, give us a call now.

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