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Gophers are little animals, but they cause significant damage to your property. They are small rodents and spend most of their lives underground. They dig beneath the garden, and their tunnel can ruin your plants. They eat plants and vegetables. If you notice gophers on your property, it is essential to get rid of them and seek professional help for gopher control in San Diego.

There are obvious signs of gophers infestation, like tunnels in your garden and eaten plans. One more sign of its infestation is the presence of dirt mounds. It shows gophers’ presence on your landscape. Gophers push the dirt out of tunnels, and it accumulates on the surface. Gophers reproduce quickly. So, contacting Tree Doctor for gopher removal in San Diego is essential.

Gopher’s infestation can go beyond control if not treated promptly. Tree Doctor employs a wide array of methods to eradicate gophers, including traps, baits, and rodenticides. The tree Doctor team works with you to determine the best plan for the gopher exterminator in San Diego.

How Does a Tree Doctor Help You With Gopher Control San Diego?


We assess your landscape and look thoroughly for gophers’ infestation signs like holes or mounds of dirt. Considering the infestation rate, we determine the solution for gopher control in San Diego.


We use pesticides responsibly for gopher removal in San Diego. We also perform other methods like flood irrigation, trapping, bait, exclusion, habitat modification, and tunnel blasting.


If gophers’ infestation is minimal, we utilize the trapping method. It is an inexpensive and safe way to get rid of gophers. We place it in the gophers’ main tunnel around12 inches below ground.


With toxic bait, we control the gopher infestation, where it does pose a threat to pets or kids. We place it in the main tunnel as it is a lethal bait and avoid putting it in the lateral tunnel.


Even after gophers’ removal in San Diego, they can migrate from surrounding properties; therefore, with a regular maintenance program, we check out for rodent movement and prevent infestation.


Our specialist recommends measures to prevent rodent infestation on your property. Their recommendation consists of decreasing the watering schedule, thinning dense foliage, mowing tall grass, etc.

Benefits Of Availing Our Services For Gopher Control In San Diego

  • It keeps your yard safe and healthy.
  • Keeps the integrity and property value high.
  • Gopher exterminators in San Diego keep the deadly disease at bay.
  • Ensure your safety and keep your trees and plants’ health intact.
  • These services are reliable and affordable.
  • Professionals can easily spot the problem area.
  • They keep your property safe from potential gopher infestation with regular maintenance.


How Does Our Professional Help You Protect Your Landscape From Gophers In San Diego?

Gophers are plant and tree eaters. If you fail to treat the infestation, then it may destroy your entire tree. Home remedies may help you control their population. If your property is adjacent to an open area like a golf course, then gopher control in San Diego may become more challenging. But rest easy, Tree Doctor provides the best solution that keeps your landscape safe from gophers.

Tree Doctor professionals document the infested area and rake down the gopher mounds. It helps to track their activities precisely. Based on the assessment, we determine a particular treatment plan with property owners. We regularly visit your property and remain vigilant for gopher control in San Diego. It is essential to do proper maintenance as gophers can migrate from surrounding properties and make your landscape their habitat again.

Our gopher exterminator in San Diego utilizes various methods like poisons, baits, and traps. We work with the property owners to find the best fit solution. If you are looking for the best gopher removal services in San Diego, Call Tree Doctor today. We offer a free consultation to help you understand the gopher removal services and how we can help you exterminate these rodents.

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