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The South American Palm Weevil (SAPW) is generally a destructive beetle and is known for attacking palm trees. It is a serious threat to the palms in San Marcos and also kills Canary island date palms, edible date palms, African oil palm, sago palm, and Acai palm. This pest causes fatal wilt disease and red ring disease to palms. The SAPW infestation on palm trees includes collapsed or drooping leaves and foul odor. But no need to fret now! We are here to help. At Tree Doctor USA, we provide a full spectrum of bed bug removal services in San Marcos.

When it comes to effective pest and insect control, you can surely count on us as we are the leading Tree healthcare company. In order to manage SAPW successfully, our tree healthcare specialists offer pest management programs consisting of trapping and monitoring, field sanitization, eradication of infested palms, prophylactic treatment, adult mass trapping, and many more!

Our tree healthcare professionals are very experienced, well trained, and helpful in these cases. We have years of experience in the pest control business and have tackled all kinds of insecticides and pests on trees in all the premises from commercial, factories, residential, hospitals, and offices.

You can get relief from further damage by SAPW as we remove these pests and insects from palm trees with professional skills, non-toxic and environment-friendly products. Get in touch with us today and avail the best South American Palm Weevil treatment in San Marcos now!

How We Perform South American Palm Weevil Treatment In San Marcos?

Analysis of Infestation
Analysis of Infestation

Our tree healthcare professionals do in-depth analysis to find out whether the infestation of SAPW is on the crown area or trunk.


Our certified arborists will suggest various treatment solutions based on inspection to get rid of SAPW as early as possible.


The contaminated part of the palm tree is chopped properly from the top of the tree by our specialists.

Effective Treatment
Effective Treatment

Our arborists will then provide effective treatment to the roots for removing and controlling bugs in palm trees.


The injection treatment is given to the palm trees for boosting antibodies and increasing nutrients for fighting against the attack.

Protecting Other Trees
Protecting Other Trees

The dead palm trunk is removed completely by our arborists to control the damage and protect the other trees from getting contaminated by the bugs and insects.

Know About The Benefits Of Palm Tree Pest And Disease Treatment In San Marcos

  • We offer reasonable, stress-free, and safe South American Palm Weevil treatment in San Marcos.
  • Our expert bed bug exterminator identifies the problem precisely and then offers the best possible solution.
  • Fungal infections have an adverse impact on palm trees. So, our tree healthcare experts offer long-term protection and maintain the tree properly to keep it clean and fresh.
  • Our expert team has hands-on experience and knows how to take care of trees and plants damaged due to infestation.
  • We offer powerful pest and insect control solutions for removing the bugs from trees. Moreover, we ensure that they won’t come back.
  • We make use of non-toxic products for the removal of bugs from palm trees.
  • We also protect your palm trees from future attacks.
South American Palm Weevil Treatment San Marcos

Get Hassle-free and Hygienic Solutions for Palm Tree Bugs Treatment in San Marcos

Do you suspect a bug on palm trees? Do you need bed bug removal experts? Call us for an effective palm tree bug treatment in San Marcos.

Your security and protection are our top priority. All our tree healthcare experts will work above and beyond to free your palm trees from the severe infestation of SAPW. Moreover, our South American palm weevil treatment is economically priced amongst other San Marcos pest control companies. All our offered services are effective in combating SAPW.

We offer expert consultation, quotes, and estimates as per your budget and need. So, to overcome the damages of SAPW on any palm species, Get in touch with our tree healthcare professionals today! With our trunk injection and tailored treatment, your palm trees can retain their health.

Our pest and insect control services on trees are very famous among our esteemed clients. So, what are you waiting for? Hire our tree healthcare professionals for residential as well as commercial palm weevil treatment. Undoubtedly, you will get flawless palm tree bugs treatment from our skilled professionals in San Marcos.

Eliminate weevils on your palm trees; Contact us today on (760) 285 0099 for Consult Our Tree Healthcare Professionals Now!

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