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Tree Nutrition

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Complete Guide About Tree Nutrients & Soil Care Treatment

All living things need rich and nutritional foods to survive and grow healthy. Trees and plants need nutrients to live, thrive and withstand severe weather conditions. Therefore, supplying needed nutrients and supplements is essential to keep trees and plants strong and healthy. Just like us, trees also require nourishment regularly. With proper tree nutrients, trees can reach their full aesthetic potential. 

Nutrient deficiency in trees and plants results in the depredation of diseases, pests or insect infestation. Actually, nutritional deprivation in the soil is one of the reasons trees become more susceptible to diseases and requires frequent fertilization. Applying fertilization randomly won’t help; you will have to measure the pH level of your soil and go for the best-fit soil care treatment service

This blog will give you more information about fertilization and tree care methods. You will get to know everything you need to know about soil nutrients and tree care. 

What Is Tree Nutrition And Soil Care Treatment? 

Tree nutrients and soil care are the practices to ensure that your plants and trees get all the needed supplements and nutrients to thrive healthily. This process also ensures that your soil remains healthy to supply the necessary nutrients to trees. Read the following key points and learn more about tree nutrients and soil care. 

  • Ensure you improve the soil conditions to facilitate robust and healthy tree growth. Preserve the improved soil structure. 
  • Consultation with a certified arborist is essential since they have the relevant knowledge and experience. 
  • You can successfully prevent root rot, diseases, and pest infections with proper soil care. Too wet or dry soils may experience these kinds of problems. 

Choose The Proper Tree 

Choosing the appropriate plants according to your landscape is essential. Not all tree species are ideal for specific weather conditions. Some are best suited to different types of soil structures than others. While choosing the tree for your landscape, consult the Tree Doctor arborists since they can help you select the tree that can thrive in your landscape. 

Fertilization Management

Proper fertilization management helps to maintain the tree nutrition. Before applying any fertilizer, you have to see whether it is the right one or not. You should only use the fertilizer you need; otherwise, it may harm your trees. Ensure you measure the pH level before applying the fertilizer. 

Analyze The Soil pH Level: 

It will help if you analyze the pH level of your soil since it gives you insights into the soil condition, like whether it is acidic or basic. It becomes easier for you to determine the best fertilizer once you find out the pH level of your soil. You can get the soil pH kits, which allow you to conduct the pH analysis. You can seek professional assistance as well for the soil analysis. 

Tree Nutrition For Soil Health

The most common nutrients that a tree requires are nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus.  

  • Nitrogen helps in leaf growth and green color besides maintaining overall tree health. 
  • Root development and flower production are possible with phosphorus. 
  • Potassium helps in water intake, cold tolerance, and photosynthesis. 

If you notice yellowing leaves, poor growth, and increasing disease susceptibility, then your tree needs supplements and nutrients. Contact a certified arborist, test your soil, and they will recommend the best-fit solution to revive your soil quality and tree’s health. 

Adding organic matter helps your soil to improve its structure and fertility. Compost, organic material, and manure add beneficial nutrients and improve drainage and aeration. If you are adding fertilizer, ensure it suits your soil and trees. 

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Choosing The Appropriate Fertilizer: 

Choosing the ideal fertilizer takes work; you have to consider the tree species, soil type, and characteristics of particular fertilizer. Tree owners should consider the following qualities while choosing the fertilizer. 

  • Ensure the selected fertilizer has a low phosphorus and potassium ratio since trees do not go well with 10-10-10 fertilizers. 
  • Salt is not beneficial for a tree’s health; therefore, the fertilizer’s salt index should be less than 50. 
  • Choose the slow-release fertilizer. It ensures that your tree is not saturated with volume that may overpower it. 

The Fertilizer Methods To  Improve The Soil Nutrients Level & Tree Health

After finalizing the ideal fertilizer for your plants and trees, it is time to concentrate on various fertilizer application methods. Assess the possibility and apply the fertilizer before planting any trees. Your trees need a continous supply of nutrients and supplements at regular intervals after planting. Go through the following methods for applying the fertilizers.

Surface Application: 

If there are no thick patches of grass or no flora growing over the tree roots, then surface applicaiton for fertilization is the best. Most people who spread the fertilizers evenly seed the soul with liquid or dry fertilizers. 

Trunk & Foliar Application: 

To improve the tree’s health and vitality, you can spray the fertilizer into the tree trunk or on foliage. It is one of the common fertilization placement techniques, which is quite beneficial. 

You should choose this technique only if the soil fertilization treatment seems ineffective. It is one of the advanced fertilization methods and needs an expert with significant experience. You should hire a certified arborist. 

Deep Placement: 

With this fertilization method, you need to pour the fertilizers into drilled holes. Sub-surface placement is another name for deep placement. In mercurial weather conditions, this fertilization method is beneficial. It ensures that fertilizer does not get washed away with topsoil. 

This method may harm your plants as well since it is placed quite closer to the roots. 

Make A Room For Tree Growth

A tree needs enough room to grow and thrive. Compacted soil prevents the root from getting oxygen and water. Loosen up the soil and add organic matter while planting a tree. Mulch around your tree base and give enough room to spread their roots. 

Ensure you do not harm the tree roots while working in your yard or garden. Do not use power equipment that could make your soil compact, and avoid digging too close to tree roots. 

If You Are Not Sure – Count On Tree Doctor! 

Caring for your soil is essential since it gives your trees needed nutrients. You will create a strong foundation that will help your trees withstand any weather conditions for years to come. Still, if you have any doubts about soil quality, tree care and plant nutrients, do not hesitate to connect with Tree Doctor arborists, they have years of experience and expertise in making your trees and yard healthy and beautiful. ISA Certified arborists in San Diego can visit your location and help you with customized tree care advice and services.

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