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Pruning Mature Trees

Pruning mature trees requires more knowledge and skills than pruning young trees. Find out tips in this blog.

Detailed Guide On How To Prune Trees

Tree pruning is an essential task that offers numerous benefits. Our experts at Tree Doctor USA have formulated a guide to help you learn tree pruning and master the art of pruning.

Tree Trimming vs Tree Pruning

Tree trimming and pruning are the two most beneficial practices when it comes to tree maintenance. Both techniques have their virtues, similarities, and dissimilarities. They hold significant value in tree maintenance and exceed their lifespan and productivity.

How to Care for Mature Trees

Mature trees are precious ornaments that offer numerous benefits without taking much from humankind. However, like other living beings, they have a few requirements to battle environmental challenges and natural calamities. Over the years, mature trees have been subjected to flood, wind, drought, pollution effects, and many other hazards.

Tips To Protect Palm Trees In Winter

The ability of different palm tree species to withstand cold conditions varies widely. Temperatures below 50 degrees Fahrenheit might be fatal for tropical palms. However, palm trees belonging to the more temperate species can endure temperatures below freezing without suffering any noticeable damage

Keeping Your Plants Healthy Throughout the Winter

If you have been planting trees for some time, you are undoubtedly aware that many trees in your garden or on your property can survive a few winter months. Some trees may even require the winter cold to develop better in the following spring season.