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If you notice holes in tree trunk and branches, there can be an infestation of a wood boring beetle. Tree borers are small insects that burrow into trees, causing severe damage to the tree’s structure and health. These pests are difficult to control and can quickly destroy a tree if left unchecked.


The Magnolia is a beautiful tree with blooms as big and bright as the leaves on its thick, lush branches. However, Magnolias are also unfortunately prone to infestation by the Magnolia scale. They feed on the sap of Magnolia trees, causing significant damage to the tree if left untreated. This feeding can cause extensive damage to the tree, including dieback of branches, leaf yellowing, drop, and stunted growth. In severe cases, Magnolia scale infestation can even kill the tree.


Spiraling whitefly, a sap-sucking bug, infests trees and produces a white, waxy substance. It will drop on the leaves and branches and make a real sticky mess. Unattractive black sooty molds on leaves or fronds will draw your further attention. You will either notice whiteflies or spiraling patterns at the bottom of the leaves of infected trees and plants.