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Trees and plants are more vulnerable to infection, as dormancy begins in autumn. Many of these pathogens thrive in cooler and humid temperatures, which may appear in fall and spring. Infection intensity varies throughout the year…


Every tree and plant experience dozens of diseases unique to each species. Some of the diseased trees or plants need immediate attention, and others have no cure at all and it eventually dies. For fire blight disease control starts with through monitoring, irrespective of its harm and severity.


Anthracnose is a common fungal disease that affects greatly. It is not only affecting plants but also affects fruits, vegetables and trees even. Of course, it causes dark sunken lesions on leaves, stems, flowers and others.


Tree canker disease is a plant disease that affects the bark and wood of trees. It is caused by a variety of fungi, bacteria, and insects. Tree canker diseases can be severe problems for both home and commercial growers.


Bot Canker or Botryosphaeria dothidea is a fungus that often affects various types of woody shrubs and trees and can cause extensive dieback. This pathogen invades through wounds in the bark, causing the formation of cankers. The cankers then expand and girdle twigs, branches, and even the trunk, leading to the eventual decline of the plant. Botryosphaeria dothidea is just one of many species of canker-causing fungi.


The invasion of Botryosphaeria Canker only happens in a stressful environment. On a high key, if the trees and woody shrubs in your landscape are already stressed or vulnerable, Botryosphaeria Canker attacks them.