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Shot Hole Borer Treatment

It may not be a hunter’s wrong shot. Look closely; it could be Shot Hole Borer Beetle Infestation by boring holes. They grow in tropical and subtropical as well as temperate climate conditions. These beetles can affect the vascular system, which would further disrupt nutrient transport.

Botryosphaeria Canker

Botryosphaeria canker, a fungal disease, is caused by various Botryosphaeria fungus species. It affects numerous woody plants, like trees, shrubs, and vines. This canker appears as dark, depressed areas on the bark, often encircling branches or the trunk.

Tree Disease Specialist

Hiring a tree disease specialist can be beneficial for several reasons. This article emphasizes the advantages of hiring a disease expert for trees. Read further to know how significantly the specialists help maintain the overall health and well-being of your trees.

Oak Tree Borer Treatment

Despite various resistance mechanisms, the trees evolve with time, and trees may get attacked by many insects. In the case of the oak tree, its hardwood with its high tannin content makes it unappealing for many pests.

Fire Blight Treatment

Trees and plants are more vulnerable to infection, as dormancy begins in autumn. Many of these pathogens thrive in cooler and humid temperatures, which may appear in fall and spring. Infection intensity varies throughout the year…

Be Prepared: A Comprehensive Guide to Fire Blight Disease Treatment

Every tree and plant experience dozens of diseases unique to each species. Some of the diseased trees or plants need immediate attention, and others have no cure at all and it eventually dies. For fire blight disease control starts with through monitoring, irrespective of its harm and severity.