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Oak Tree Borer Treatment

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When to Hire an Arborist for Oak Tree Borer Treatment and When to DIY?

Despite various resistance mechanisms, the trees evolve with time, and trees may get attacked by many insects.

In the case of the oak tree, its hardwood with its high tannin content makes it unappealing for many pests. Even then, borers attack this tree quite often.

There are many clear signs one can identify at very early stages to prevent further spread of the infestation. However, in case the issue spreads beyond a level, it is essential to treat the tree through DIY or with the help of experts for Oak Tree Borer Treatment.

Let us begin by discussing signs of infection in Oak Tree Borer-

Signs of Oak Tree Borer Infestation:

  • Presence of Sawdust is a clear sign of a borer attack. Look for powdery particles on the tree trunk and branches. These are the first signs of a borer attack.
  • Oozing of sap and resin from small holes in tree trunks or branches is another common sign of a borer attack. The oak tree releases more sap due to the stress of a borer attack. Borers cause wounds on the tree trunk from which sap oozes. This causes the bark of the tree to become swelled, knotty, or cracked.
  • Wilted branches or bent and weak branches are also major signs of attack by oak tree borers.
  • Presence of beetle larvae under the bark
  • Round holes as an entry to the trunk and branches are also activities of a borer.
  • Gradual thinning of the tree’s canopy as borers disrupt nutrient flow.

After identifying and familiarizing yourself with these symptoms and their severity, you can understand the treatment that could be applied. A DIY treatment can help deal with minor issues, whereas expert help would be necessary when there are challenging cases.

Know When to Hire Arborist for Oak Tree Borer Treatment

In general, DIY treatments are useful for early detection, regular inspection and monitoring. For more severe infections, uncertainty of the extent of damage, and challenging locations of trees, expert arborists are required.

This section guides you on when to hire an arborist for the treatment of Oak Borer –

Extent or Severity of Infestation:

The presence of multiple borers in multiple places indicates widespread damage, which means consulting an arborist is essential at this stage.
Bark splitting and canopy thinning are symptoms of severe infection, which should be addressed as fast as possible.

Ineffective or Failed DIY:

If you have been using DIY treatments for long, and there is not much impact on the infestation, then it is time to call an expert professional to get rid of the borers.

Inaccessibility to the Tree:

Large trees that are present in difficult locations, such as near big structures or power lines, require only a specialist to climb the tree for complete inspection and then treatment.

A comprehensive Treatment:

The extent of infestation cannot be determined accurately by an amateur. For accurate diagnosis and effective solutions, a bit of professional advice and comprehensive solutions should be implemented. Arborists can evaluate the risk of borer infestation spreading to nearby trees and implement preventive measures.

Unavailability of Pesticides and Special Equipment:

If the DIY and natural remedies prove unsuccessful, the use of pesticides and special equipment are required, which require a trained arborist. These professionals already have treatment chemicals, tools and equipment.

Long Term Investment:

When there are multiple trees involved, hiring an arborist is better to preserve the integrity of the surrounding trees. Professional services come with a cost, but the investment may be necessary for valuable or large trees.

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When is it better to DIY to get rid of Oak Tree Borer?

Knowledgeable Homeowners and DIY Enthusiasts:

DIY enthusiasts and homeowners who have been taking care of their gardens for a long time can handle minor infestations. They can also identify the right time to consult an arborist.

Minor infestation or infestation in a few places:

Borer activity, such as powdery sawdust release in a few places and DIY treatments, will effectively control the infestation.

Easy to access trees:

If the trees are not very tall and are located in an accessible place, DIY treatments are safe to implement when borer is detected at an early stage.

Budget Constraints:

DIY treatments and easy to perform and budget friendly. This is why they are the first treatment option to be considered by everyone.

Routine Monitoring:

Regular monitoring and prevention can help intervene in the growth of pests like borers.

When to Hire an Arborist?

Widespread Infestation:

If borers have infested a large portion of the tree or multiple trees on your property, consulting an arborist is advisable.

Large, Mature Trees:

For tall, mature oak trees where climbing or extensive pruning is necessary, an arborist’s expertise is crucial for safety and effective treatment.

Uncertain Diagnosis:

If you’re unsure about the type of borer or the extent of the infestation, an arborist can accurately diagnose the problem and recommend appropriate solutions.

Proximity to Structures or Power Lines:

Trees growing close to buildings or power lines pose risks during treatment. An arborist can safely navigate these challenges.

Valuable Landscape Trees:

If the oak tree holds significant aesthetic or monetary value, hiring an arborist ensures a tailored and effective treatment plan.

Severe Symptoms:

If your oak tree exhibits severe symptoms like extensive dieback, canopy thinning, or bark splitting, seek professional help.


One important reason that affects the decision of hiring an arborist or resorting to DIY for Oak Tree Borer Treatment, would be the severity of infestation. The other reasons that come next in line are the size of trees, the availability of the equipment and pesticides, knowledge of treatment and the budget.

Professional assessment would definitely give a comprehensive solution whereas DIY treatments would be effective when oak borers are detected early. So, based on your knowledge and experience, consider the discussed conditions to decide for hiring the expert or use the DIY solution.

Hire an Arborist for Oak Tree Borer Treatment

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