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Anthracnose Disease Treatment

Anthracnose is a common fungal disease that affects a variety of plant and tree species in warm, humid areas. It affects aerial tissues, developing shoots, and expanding leaves of shrubs, trees, and other plants. This disease contaminates the usual fruit-bearing plants, deciduous and evergreen trees, grasses, and annuals. However, shade trees like sycamore, oak, maple, etc., are more susceptible to Anthracnose. So, let’s find out how this fungal disease attacks different tree and plant species.

An Arborist inspect a tree for healthacre

These days, with growing pollution, maintaining the health of trees is more difficult than ever before. Pollution is now prevailing everywhere. In such a situation, consulting arborists in San Diego is an ideal option for you, if you have trees.

Tree Health Assessment

At times, even after taking care of the trees around us, they still fall sick. It happens because sometimes trees may look stable and healthy. But from inside, they might be vulnerable. So, they might fall prey to certain diseases. To deal with such hazards, homeowners must resort to tree health assessment.

Tree Preservation

Tree diseases can cause major risks to tree health. Often in the initial stage, a deadly disease might seem to be a trivial issue. However, it spreads very fast and quickly reaches an uncontrollable stage. In certain severe cases, trees can even die. Hence, controlling tree diseases by proper tree preservation services in San Diego is a must-do for optimum tree health management.

tree shed their leaves

If there’s one clear indication of winter making its way for a year, it is trees shedding leaves. Trees that shed leaves when winter is approaching are called deciduous trees. However, losing leaves continuously can be a symptom of sickness for trees, and that’s where sick tree treatment in San Diego comes in handy.

Tree Healthcare Specialist analyze the Health Of Trees

Trees are the only natural element we have on our planet that is capable of removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. The rapid growth of the population is the reason why trees are being hacked down…