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Arborist treating sick tree treatment

A healthy and vibrant tree needs proper tree care and attention to keep stress at bay. Unwanted infestation and lack of care or nourishment can diminish health and vibrancy. So, whether the leaves, the trunk, or roots show signs of distress, your trees need help. But how to help a sick tree to retain its healthy growth?

Tree Nutrition

A tree is dependent on the soil to obtain nutrition for healthy growth and vigor. Although the requirement of Tree nutrition and fertilization may vary, they use their roots to absorb necessary nutrients, supplements, and energy for life. But do you know what trees and plants need? Let’s start with what the nutrition tree needs for growth and from where it will get.

whitefly insect control

Spiraling whitefly, a sap-sucking bug, infests trees and produces a white, waxy substance. It will drop on the leaves and branches and make a real sticky mess. Unattractive black sooty molds on leaves or fronds will draw your further attention. You will either notice whiteflies or spiraling patterns at the bottom of the leaves of infected trees and plants.

Botryosphaeria Canker treatment

The invasion of Botryosphaeria Canker only happens in a stressful environment. On a high key, if the trees and woody shrubs in your landscape are already stressed or vulnerable, Botryosphaeria Canker attacks them.

Tree health inspection

Trees, like humans, are living beings. Trees can get sick and die if you do not provide proper care to them. As a result, regular monitoring of the tree’s health becomes crucial. If you love your tree, then observe the condition of your tree from time to time. When you do so, you will notice many unfavorable changes in the tree, which indicates deteriorating tree health.

Sudden Oak Death Treatment

Sudden Oak Death refers to a disease that occurs due to Phytophthora Ramorum (a plant pathogen like a fungus). This disease was first identified in the middle of the 1990s, killing some Oak species (such as coast live oak and Oak relatives).