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how to preserve a stump

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Creative Ways To Preserve And Decorate Tree Stumps In Your Garden

Your passion for looking after your garden can be well-utilized to show your creativity, too. If a tree has recently fallen and only a stump remains, take this as a sign to honor its memory and transform its remains into something beautiful. You may consider carving it into a sculpture or a planter or use it as a garden table. These methods help in preserving and decorating tree stumps in your garden. This blog shows the methods of preserving a stump and making it into decorative or daily-use items for our home and garden. Let us begin with creative ways to preserve and decorate tree stumps.

While there are numerous creative ways to decorate tree stumps, it’s crucial to understand preservation methods before applying these decorations. So, let us learn about the various ways to preserve a stump so that it can be used for decoration and elevating the aesthetic of a yard.

Steps for Stump Preservation Method

To begin with, the stump of a tree makes the base of a cut tree. After cutting the tree, the stump is prone to infestation or could be difficult to remove. So, it is better to take certain steps to keep the remainder as it is and prevent it from rotting. The following are the steps that explain explicitly how to preserve a stump.

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  • Preparing the Stump

    • Remove Leaves and Branches: Strip away any remaining foliage from the stump.
    • Sand Surfaces: Sand the large faces, focusing on removing the top layer for a smooth finish.
    • Retain Bark (Optional): Keep the bark for a rustic look.
    • Trim Excess: Use a saw or cutting tool to eliminate any lingering pieces of the tree.
    • Drill Holes: Make several evenly spaced holes around the stump, each about an inch deep.
    • Final Preparation: Ensure the stump is clean and aesthetically pleasing and ready for further use or decoration.
  • Drying

After preparation, place the stump in sunlight for weeks to dry thoroughly. This process eliminates excess moisture, which is vital for preventing future issues. Once dried, proceed with painting or sealing for enhanced aesthetics and protection against decay, ensuring its longevity and resilience in your space.

  • Cleaning

After allowing the stump to dry thoroughly, use a wire brush to clean off any debris. Drill holes in the top and sides to aid in air and water penetration, then fill these holes with a mixture of water and vinegar to hasten decomposition. Finally, protect the stump from the elements by covering it with a tarp or plastic sheeting, ensuring it remains in optimal condition for further use or decoration.

  • Sanding and Filling the Cracks

Smooth the stump and fill cracks with outdoor wood filler using a putty knife. Ensure exterior suitability and follow instructions. After the filler dries, sand again for a seamless finish. This readies the stump for painting or sealing, enhancing durability and appeal.

  • Filling the Gaps and Wood Imperfections

As the stump smoothens, fill the cracks with an outdoor wood filler. You may require a putty knife for this while following the package instructions carefully.

Now that the filler has dried completely , sand the stump once more to eliminate any rough areas that are left. This step finally contributes to a shiny, polished appearance. It prepares the stump for further treatments like painting or sealing. These treatments will enhance its durability and aesthetic appeal.

Now that you know how to prolong the remains of the fallen tree by preparing the stump, you can use it for decoration in your garden. Over the years, the stump has been used to enhance the garden’s beauty through its usage in many ways. From adding a rustic charm and showcasing potted plants to providing habitat to insects and small wildlife, the platform offers various practical purposes. 

Let us look at the best of the creative ways to preserve and decorate tree stumps in the garden.

6 Best Ways to Decorate a Stump in Your Garden

Want to bring new life to your garden? Fresh cut or weathered friend, a tree stump could be the star of your garden! Here are six of the best methods to decorate a stump in your garden: 

  • Mosaic Artwork as a Table

  • Creating an attractive mosaic design on the surface of a stump is easy with the help of shattered tiles, glass and ceramics. 
  • Secure the fragments with weatherproof adhesive for lasting durability. 
  • Inject vibrant colors and textures into your garden, infusing the outdoor space with imaginative flair and artistic expression. 
  • Gather some chairs around and make it a table for your tea time.

This is an opportunity to turn your garden into an attractive, visually dynamic environment. This enhances its appeal and creates a charming centerpiece for a gathering.   

  • Fairy Garden or Miniature Scene

Ordinary decoratives can be easily replaced with fancy-looking and not-so-expensive miniatures made out of stumps. One can make tiny landscapes, fairy gardens, delicate plants around, and charming figurines. You can leave it to your imagination to create a fairy garden that tells a story and transports you to a fantasy world, no matter your age. More than decorations, these delightful figurines spark imagination and recapture the magic of childhood in everyone who admires them.

  • Sculpture or Carving

Carving is another way to reflect your style directly into the stump.  Choose a skilled artist or woodcarver to bring your vision to life, whether it’s a detailed animal, mythical creature, or abstract design. You may also use a chainsaw to create stunning, rustic sculptures. It brings a touch of wild beauty to the garden. These decoratives with intricate details have their unique charm.

  • Planter or Flower Pot

Hollowing out the center of a stump transforms it into a unique planter for flowers, succulents, and herbs. This offers an eco-friendly method to repurpose the stump. It also adds a creative touch to your garden along with the aesthetic appeal. For this, adequate drainage should be arranged by drilling small holes at the bottom. Choose plants that are suitable to your local climate. Prefer native species or drought-resistant, and easy-care perennial plants. 

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  • Natural Bird Bath or Feeder

Observing birds fluttering around brings a feeling of tranquility and links you to the natural environment, enhancing your overall sense of well-being. Providing them a feeder and bird bath is going to be their water source. Here is how to make a bird bath or feeder:

  • Determine the desired location in your garden for the bird bath or feeder.
  • Use a chisel and mallet to hollow out a shallow basin in the center of the stump for the bird bath.
  • Smooth the edges and bottom of the basin to create a comfortable resting place for birds.
  • Drill holes around the perimeter of the stump to insert perches for birds.
  • Fill the basin with water for a bird bath or bird seed for a feeder. Fill them with birdseed or suet cakes to attract a variety of birds.
  • Place the stump bird bath or feeder in the chosen location and enjoy watching the birds visit your garden.
  • Engraved or Burned Designs

Want to create a story on your stump? You can! Burn or engrave captivating designs directly into your stump for a one-of-a-kind addition to your garden.Take this as an opportunity to give your garden a personalized touch. Develop a unique character or design to say what you feel. Utilizing tools like wood burners or engravers, you can express your style with patterns, symbols, or motifs. From geometric shapes to delicate florals, the options are limitless. Personalized monograms or meaningful quotes add elegance and sentiment, making the stump a captivating focal point.  


If you have been wondering what to do with the stump in your outdoor space, this is the right place to know everything. Know that it begins with information on how to preserve a stump to prolong its life. Then, utilize your creativity and choice to make it into a decorative style that will enhance the beauty of your garden. Tree Doctor USA has experts who will spruce up your garden and even implement ways to transform stumps into eye-catching artwork.

preserving a stump

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