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Spiraling Whitefly Infestation: How to Get Rid of It

Spiraling whitefly, a sap-sucking bug, infests trees and produces a white, waxy substance. It will drop on the leaves and branches and make a real sticky mess. Unattractive black sooty molds on leaves or fronds will draw your further attention. You will either notice whiteflies or spiraling patterns at the bottom of the leaves of infected trees and plants.

Being the representative members of the Aleurodicus dispersus, they lay their eggs in spiral patterns. There are more than 30 species of Aleurodicus genus, damaging the landscape of San Diego, California. So, whitefly insect control and prevention are crucial to avoid significant tree and plant damage. But how do you get rid of whiteflies? Let’s find out all about whitefly infestation, how to identify the spread, and accurate treatment or insecticide to control whitefly insects.

Everything You Need To About Spiraling Whitefly Infestation

Spiraling whiteflies are an invasive species and native to California. The other species of whitefly apart from the spiraling whitefly include – Banded winged whitefly, giant whitefly, ficus whitefly, greenhouse whitefly, silver leaf whitefly, and more. In reality, there are over 1500 whitefly species in the world. But a few dozens are seen frequently in California. Spiraling whitefly, Ficus whitefly, and Bonday’s nesting whitefly are more popular.

Adult spiraling whitefly insects resemble tiny white moths. They are around 1/16 inch long. Hence, they are difficult to sight. However, they appear as a swarm in clouds or spirals around the foliage. Also, they are very sluggish in their movement and congregate on the underside of leaves. Talking about their appearance, they are triangular in shape with powdery white wings and short antennae. It breeds all year round in the warmer counties and cities of California. They are capable to attack Gumbo Limbo, Avacado, Sea Grape, Banana, Black Olives, Mangoes, Palms, Live Oaks, shrubs, and other plants. To date, they have attacked 250 tree species in California.

Spiraling whitefly will suck all the nutrients and supplements required for tree healthy growth. They will leave sticky material after feeding on the infected plants. Well, they are fast breeders and can multiply in no time. They take only 25 days to mature. So, once you welcome a few of them into your landscape, control and prevention of whiteflies are crucial. Thankfully, expert arborists can treat and prevent infestation.

Thus, you will notice wilting, stunted growth, early leaf drop, discoloration of leaves, and more. Let’s unveil symptoms of spiraling whitefly infection.

Ways To Identify The Infection Of Spiraling Whitefly

  • Whiteflies will suck the juices with needlelike mouthparts leading to stunted growth of infected plants and trees
  • They gravitate to the veins of leaves and feed on the nutrient in the leaf tissues. So, leaves will gradually turn yellow
  • As the infestation progresses, you will notice wilted leaves or early dropping of leaves.
  • It will reduce the yields of host plants
  • Due to sticky secretion called honeydew after feeding, leaves have an unexplainably waxy substance and sticky or shiny appearance
  • A black sooty mold covers the leaves, trunk, and anything surrounding it
  • The black tree trunk and anything beneath the tree
  • Yellow sticky traps
  • Tiny yellow or brown eggs on host plants
Ways To Identify The Infection Of Spiraling Whitefly

Once you control whitefly insects, the sooty mold and sticky, shiny substance will disappear automatically. So don’t delay to call professionals for accurate whitefly treatment for infected trees and plants.

How Do You Get Rid Of Spiraling Whiteflies?

Professionals offer a cohesive approach to controlling whitefly insects. Before offering tailored whitefly control insecticides to different host trees and plants, they will diagnose the root cause of these unwanted invasions and eliminate them. In the event of heavy infestation, DIY treatment will not work. So, act fast and connect with professionals for whitefly control insecticides and treatment.

However, professional treatments include trunk and soil injection having antibiotics, pest controls, or micronutrients. Foliar sprays can help to conquer spiraling whiteflies. Such sprays do wonders in case of heavy infestation. Also, they will make sure that precise treatment is offered based on tree species and the intensity of infection. So, there is no further harm to the infected and stressed trees. To promote healthy growth and vigor, tree health care specialists will provide ideal growing conditions for trees, plants, and shrubs.

Now, you know the symptoms to identify the attack of the spiraling whitefly and how you get rid of it. However, prevention is the key to keeping your trees and plants year-round. Walk through the expert tips for the prevention and control of spiraling whiteflies.

Tips To Prevent Spiraling Whitefly From Entering Your Yard Or Garden

Regular monitoring and assessment of tree health care can help overcome environmental stressors. It is more essential when you suspect infested area in your landscape.

Optimum soil disease treatment and tree nutrition to enhance the immune system. Provide nutrient-rich feeding and fertilizers with the help of an expert arborist. So, your trees stay strong and thriving. However, adding tons of compost, mulch, fertilizer, & other amendments will not be useful. In fact, excess nutrition will harm and damage trees.

Systematic insecticide and fungicide will also restrict the invasion of spiraling whiteflies. The treatment will be absorbed by the roots and transported to the trunk and leaves. If there is an outbreak of whiteflies, they will suck insecticide instead of juices and nutrition. Thus, you can eliminate infestation at an early stage. Application after every 6 months is preferable. So, your landscape stays protected from all unwanted invasions.


Spiraling whiteflies are invasive insects belonging to Aleurodicus genus. They have infested a wide range of tree and plant species in California, damaging their strength and vigor. Also, they stopped the growth of infected trees. Moreover, they will leave the sticky substance and black sooty mold after they feed on infected trees. When the cloud of whiteflies takes flight, they will shake an affected plant and tree. So, the control and prevention of whiteflies before they get mature is inevitable as they are fast breeders. Professional treatment and whitefly control insecticides can help to safeguard your landscape. To know more about whitefly infestation and treatment, get in touch with our certified tree doctors.

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